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05-18-2010, 01:08 AM
I've had this idea for a few years now and would like some help fleshing it out... also wondering if there are folk in the Hollywood, Los Angeles area here in sunny Cali wanting to play such a campaign. I'm thinking 3.x would be the best D&D setting for it, but could accept alternative ideas for that too.


In the world of Ravenloft, for many who are not profiting from the suffering perpetually wrought through the land, the only goal is to escape. Even among much of the most powerful in Ravenloft, escape is just a story told to make the downtrodden people feel some sense of hope in the suicide-inducing demiplane.

A cabal of Wizards who specialized in Planar Travel drawn into Ravenloft over centuries, remain untainted by it's dark powers. They fight to remain hidden for their powers are great, and would be considered dangerous to those who need the paths out of Ravenloft to remain closed.

They work in secret, and draw in more members where they can. Over time, they grow to understand the mists more than any in history. Long ago, they believed with great cost, they can pull themselves out of the misery of Ravenloft. This was not the goal however... they wanted to open the doorway, to part the mist. They wanted to offer freedom to those suffering in the darkness of the Dread Demiplane.

Now the time finally has come, they discovered the rituals and magics needed for their task. As the time to act grew near, they could not remain hidden and great battles were waged by guardians protecting the massive rite. The Dark Powers that be tried in vain to stop the ritual... but it was too late, they were able to accomplish their goal at the cost of their lives. The disruption of the ritual at the last moment however threw off the intended result. A sliver of the thread of the dimensional pocket that was Ravenloft was splintered off and launched into the void between planes, but it's trajectory wasn't right. It shattered through the very fabric of that which contained all the Multiverse...


It is Earth, June 2009, the night of a fullmoon. The tip of the thread lands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and pulls Ravenloft right after it. The New Lands appeared in darkness, and the mists spread, so freed by the lack of borders provided by the small demiplane. Satellites in orbit instantly warn governments and corporations about the massive change. Fly over planes manned by pilot and drone are sent by every country in the world that can afford such things. The News can not be contained, and on every televisionhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/2_bing.gif (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=10530127#) in the world people are riveted by the sudden arrival of something that can not be explained...

What the planes are met by is equally disturbing, but people recognize them on sight. Those are Dragons, and they breathe more than just fire. The Dread Lords are not stupid, and nor are the powerful adventurers that were trapped in Ravenloft. Those that aren't running in fear from the relative brightness of a moon they have never known.

These powerful forces are scrying their new world, sending out agents by means both magic and mundane to discover all they can of this great world and those strange creatures flying over them in the air doing battle with the younger dragons who know little better than to fight these seeming invaders of their skies.

Much happens in the coming years...


This is where I invite folks to discover what indeed happens in these coming years.

I envision a great clash of magic and modern. Even people in the modern world learning magic.

I think that the mists still draw creatures through the multiverse along that thread into them. But instead of the original Ravenloft demiplane, they appear across Earth. I picture magic users battling against tanks with gouts of lightning and such.

I also picture a great chance for diplomacy. Among the better and worse elements of Ravenloft, with the governments and companies of Earth. Computers (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=10530127#) using magic to amplify their speed and abilities. New technological golems built by modern man, given autonomous life by fel magics. Etc...

A mixture of standard D&D 3.xE and D20 Modern would cover the rules for the most part.

What do folks think?

05-18-2010, 01:18 PM
I like the idea. In fact I have tried many crossover games with limited success. I tried; D&D/spelljammer +, D&D/Modern, D&D/future, and a few odder rule sets. The problem always seems to be a limited willing audience, if you let them know the twist ahead of time. Springing it on a group is far easier, but with a more mixed level of happiness/success.

Go for it...