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05-16-2010, 11:02 PM
We are looking for new players for a complex, character-driven series of one-shots via IRC at 6-10 PM CDT (UTC -6) on Wednesdays, starting May 12, 2010. Sign-up is separate for each game. We will help you get started if you are not familiar with IRC. While the games are usually free of adult content, we won’t shy away from it if it comes up naturally, so no minors, please.

The Book of Names setting mostly takes place on the world of Shem, an expansive and highly inclusive fantasy world where the world is physically transformed to reflect the dominant idea of the current Age and the Divine skirmish through mortal agents. The Ages of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Weather, Flora, and Fauna may all be represented in the one-shot games. The games each revolve around different Gifts, which are immensely powerful, valuable, and dangerous artifacts made by the Divine and given to mortals.

We use a simple homebrew system which is easy to learn. We're looking for players who are open-minded, into experimenting with gameplay and characters, and from any level of experience.

If you enjoy these one shots, we are also looking for new players for our Saturday night epic Campaigns (these last years and take up your Saturday nights). If you’re interested in those, please, sign up for a one-shot so we can see how we’ll mesh. If you fit in and are willing to commit to a more epic game, we’d love to have new blood.

For each game, I will make a post detailing the specifics on our group blog. If you want to be a
part of this, comment on the linked post (or here) or email me at liamtheruiner@gmail.com. Please let us know your experience level as a player of RPGs, whether you are a seasoned veteran or an innocent first-timer, and let us know in at least a few sentences what kind of character you want to play; some ideas will be posted along with the specifics of each game to get you started.

Blog post: http://community.livejournal.com/merukis/229591.html