View Full Version : SF Bay Area: Lone Ref/Player working on game system with unique fantasy setting with sci-fi touch

Engineer Doramos
05-11-2010, 04:35 PM
Hi, I'm looking for fun and creative players who get into exciting stories and interesting characters. I've been designing games of my own since I was a kid back in 1980, and am currently working on a fantasy game with sci fi tones to it. It's not done, and I might want to seek ways of publishing/distributing this when it is, so I shouldn't describe it in too much detail, but I'm mentioning it so others who read this are aware of what I might want to referee eventually, if things click well enough.

I'll explain somewhat my work in progress: it has a very innovative dice/playing card system that is so simple, the only real math involved is with the playing cards. Combat should be fast paced because the system won't slow it down that much. Despite the simplicity, it is very strategy oriented, and performs cinematically. There are no levels, and nothing like DnD hit point inflation, but you do get xp values each adventure to improve your character in many ways, and the 48 'classes' are very colorful and bring the world's setting to vivid life (you can also change classes with xp and story motivation and still use old class resources to further improve). There are no alignments, it is low tech (some primitive gunpowder and rare steam machines, as well as strange alchemy), there is a very heroic theme with effects that occur from immoral actions as well as valiant ones, and magic and psychic stuff mix together in a unique way. You can be a human or one of five alien species that share the same planet. Earth history is in this world's past, as all the sentients and some of their companion flora and fauna traveled to this place long ago. The world's natural inhabitants are very fantastic in addition to the terran and alien animals and plants, creating a crazy wilderness which is largely untouched due to the primary law enforcers being psychic-mages who operate openly like ancient bards or the irish lili, as well as secretly in the role of enforcers. Of course, there are a couple of evil empires and nasty factions opposing these guys. And sorta demonic entities tugging strings and such I might add.

Anyway, I'm looking for people to game with! I don't care much as regards to systems, I'm more interested in friendliness and laid back folks who like fun rpgs. PM me or post here. See ya around!