View Full Version : D&D 4e LFM Players

05-10-2010, 04:13 AM
I'm starting a game (yes DMing) with some friends of mine using Maptool, and we're looking to fill the party a bit. We'll be starting at level 7 with the Pyramid of Shadows module and then moving on to either homebrew adventures, or the P series. If you've already done them that's ok as I'll be increasing the difficulty and changing some stuff around. Standard point buy with normal loot plus an additional level 6 item and the Versatile Expertise feat. Right now we have an Archer Ranger, a Battle Cleric, a Warlord, a Barbarian, and a Swordmage. I'm looking to add a controller and possibly a defender after that.

Message me on Skype (ichibaniigamer) or email me (ichibaniigamer@gmail.com) if interested.

We're starting Wednesday May 12th between 7:30-8pm (as early as possible) EST and I will accept players until May 18th. Contact me today (May 11th) to make your own character. If you contact me before gametime on the 12th I can get you in to that session, but you will play a Wizard I built.