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05-03-2010, 06:56 PM
I am thinking on going Digital on Books, Movies and Music. Pretty much the IPad is the reason I would like to make the move.:cool:

But before making this an IPad discussion I would like some input and suggestions from those more knowledgeable. :confused:

If I buy Digital Content, Am I allowed to keep a copy simultaneously in my PC, MP3-IPod, IPad-Kindle, etc. etc.?? :music:

What would you recommend for Movies? Are Digital-Downloaded Movies-TV as Good as Blu-Ray or are there any different qualities? Is a movie for the IPod as detailed than for the IPad or TV Watching, is the same file pretty much?:pray:

How about Price? Is I-tunes more expensive than let say raphsody?:ballchain:

One of the reasons for the move is that my children have scratched half of their DVDs (My own, my precious are kept somewhere else), so I thought that a digital option may not be that bad.

As far as the IPad, I am not longer a Notebook user (don't even think I really need one), But I would like to browse the internet while the women either play farmville or play sesame/dora explorer games.

IPad seems like a good choice for Kids Books and Comics and will be able to show movies in those long driving trips to the motherland.

Thanks in advance for the input!!:help:


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05-06-2010, 06:12 PM
If you can do it - may the deities bless you - because I can NOT get rid of the warm, squishy feeling when I wrap my hands around a book. I needs me my paper.

Sure, I have some 20 gigs worth of pdf files, but I also have an entire set of book shelves with the same info.

Good luck.

05-10-2010, 01:16 PM
If you think that (right now) one device is going to be a panacea, think again. I'm not sure where to even start. As a bibliophile, audiophile and videophile digital devices leave a lot to be desired. Yes, i can hear a difference between low rip MP3 (sometimes even high) and lossless audio. And there is no way online movies can come reliably close to a super high deg blueray movie. Technology is coming though... and that depends on streaming vs download and what audio/video ports are on the device. Devices like the iPAd are getting there, but i would wait a few months and see what it has for competitors (there's already some out). I still prefer a netbook...

For books, i have to say the Nook ROCKS. I've used the Kindle too, and i was not impressed. I'll be replacing buying paperbacks with that. I still buy all my favorites in hardback... but the Nook feels good to hold, handles great, is technologically sound, pretty durable, is increasing its functionality pretty rapidly, and well... it just feels right to me (thats very personal). I was pretty shocked when i admitted it to myself.

05-14-2010, 12:37 AM
Three things to keep firmly in mind.

One: If you do not have root access to the device, it is not your device.

Two: Data that is not physically on your hard drive is not your data. Unless the hard drive is in a Kindle or an iSomething, in which case Apple/Amazon can still take it back.

Three: Backup, backup, backup. If you cannot backup, it isn't yours.

If any or all of the above leave you feeling sick all your eggs in one basket is not for you.