View Full Version : LFP - Bonney Lake - DM/Player(s) Needed

05-01-2010, 10:15 PM
My fiance and I play D&D 3.5e. We are looking for someone (maybe a couple people) to join our game group in Bonney Lake. Our recent group flaked out on us and we REALLY want to get playing again. He can be the DM but if someone else wants to do it that would be awesome. We play at our house on the weekends and we want to try to play once a week.

We have a 7 month old son, but he doesn't cause problems for the game. He's a good baby and only cries when he's super hungry. He's never caused distractions and he enjoys watching the dice roll across the white board.

We have ton's of books, and more on our computer. You can bring your own if you want. When my fiancÚ DMs he follows the core rules, but depending on what it is he can be a little lenient and let some things slide (ex 1st level clerics automatically get their chosen god's weapon without paying for it as a cleric bonus, and so forth). If you are down DM then it's up to you how you run it.

Either way we are in this for having a good time for a few hours. We want to dive into a new world and follow a story and we are hoping for a long running game.