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Secrecy and Favoritism Redux

Tony Misfeldt
05-07-2012, 06:47 PM
I agree with this responce for the most part.

Most everyone does "powergame" to one extent or another. And the more extraverted players do tend to get more done.

For example, if you create a 3rd level halfling rogue using the Pathfinder system, and want to make him very good at stealth, then you would put the majority of your effort into getting the best Stealth bonus possible. You would make sure your best stat is your DEX, which could be as high as 20 and grant you a +5. Being a rogue makes Stealth a Class Skill, giving you a +3. Being a Halfling gives you a size bonus of +4. You can take the Stealthy feat, giving you another +2. You can even take the Skill Focus feat and devote it to Stealth, giving you another +3. Then with 3 skill points devoted to Stealth, the Halfling Rogue has a total bonus of +20 at only 3rd level. That means any Perception check to see him while he's hiding has to meet or beat a MINIMUM of 21!

Just about every player chooses at least ONE thing that their character is REALLY good at. The cleric could put everything he can into Healing. He might take ranks in Profession: Herbalist or Profession: Surgeon in order to gain synergy bonuses to his Healing checks. He could take feats like Prodigy (granting +2 bonuses to his Profession skills), Self Sufficient (granting +2 bonuses to Healing and Survival), as well as Skill Focus in Healing, Profession: Herbalist, and Profession: Surgeon. By tenth level his Healing skill could be off the chart. Imagine WIS 18 (+4), plus 10 skill points in Healing (+10), plus it being a Class Skill (+3), plus Self Sufficient (+4, since he's devoted 10 ranks to the skill), plus Skill Focus: Healing (+6, due to the 10 ranks), plus a synergy bonus of +4 from having 10 ranks in both Profession: Surgeon and Profession: Herbalist (+2 from each). That's a total of +31 to his Healing checks. That means the minimum DC he can meet or beat is a 32. Someone would have to be REALLY badly hurt or VERY sick in order for him to be unable to help.

I'm currently playing a 1st Level Rogue/6th Level Sorceress in the Pathfinder game I'm currently playing in. She's a former street walker/pickpocket turned mercenary/adventuring sorceress. When I first created her (we were starting at 3rd level), I had distributed her skill points rather evenly. She had ranks in lots of skills, but not a lot in any one skill. Due to her early life as a street whore, and brief stint as a high priced escort, she has ranks in the skills Seduction (of my own design) and Perform: Sexual Techniques (from The Book Of Erotic Fantasy). Thus she has the feats Persuasive and Skill Focus: Seduction. She also has the Charming trait, giving her a +1 bonus to those skills. In those early sessions, any rogue skills she tried to use were completely outclassed by our gnomish rogue, whose player had devoted all of her efforts into her rogue skills. I'd roll a 15 and with my bonuses get a 20, while she'd roll a 6 and get a 24. AT 3rd LEVEL. When I leveled up, I put my +1 stat adjustment onto my DEX (making my 15 a 16, and changing my modifier from +2 to +3). I also devoted all of my available skill points (3 out of the 5) to my Stealth skill. This changed my bonus from +6 to +10. Still not as good as the gnome's +18, but better. At 5th level I put another skill point onto Stealth (+11) and then took the Skill Focus: Stealth feat (+14). Now at 7th level, I'm up to +16. As my character uses sex as a tool and/or a weapon, I have devoted several skill points to several related skills. Besides Skill Focus: Seduction, Persuasion, the Charming trait, an 18 CHA, and 2 skill points devoted to the skill, it's also a Class Skill for rogues (+3), she has 5 levels in Diplomacy (giving her a +2 synergy bonus), and an enchanted Headband Of Persuasiveness (+3 to all CHA based skills), giving her a total of +20 to all Seduction attempts.

Am I cheating by doing this? No. Its perfectly within the rules. Am I a bad role player by doing this? No. My character isn't a total badass. She uses her mind (and her looks) more than she does her muscles. In the beginning she didn't even have much by way of offensive spells. So she has to use her head more than other characters do, and naturally I'm going to choose skills which will help in this.