View Full Version : Dark Heresy question? About the Tech-Priest

04-30-2010, 11:35 AM
I know its possible to have the Tech-Priest recharge Las-Packs (AKA: ammo) by using his own electricity.

I was wondering if the Tech-Priest could use his own electricity to go directly to a Las-Gun and shoot the Las-Gun as if he had unlimited ammo?

05-03-2010, 05:47 AM
Every time a tech-priest uses his own bodily electrical current he suffers a level of fatigue, unless later gets the talent to have some tech priestly things not do so o.o it would be a major DM choice for that, but i think a pack would be required (though with sixty shots for a las-gun, i don't see having to recharge it periodically as an issue if you do have the non-draining talent)