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Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
04-28-2010, 03:16 PM
WISH spells, wish rings, and wishes in general. How do you deal with them in your respective games?

I love love love wish spells, being an old-school player and all. I've read many ways that gamers allow the WISH in their games, or perhaps not allowing them due to the potential unbalancing of the game, so i thought i'd share our houserule we created since the wish was first introduced into dnd... yes, Thoth is old...er..um...Immortal.

Here is my default rule: I have always let players wish for anything. Of course, they *never* get what they wished for, but what they do get is perhaps a general direction/location of said item. It makes a great adventure out of it; besides, just because a player may know a general direction/location and nothing else, does not in any way equate to the player being able to obtain it. Sometimes s/he does, and sometimes not. Obviously, the formula usually works out thus: high level items = high level resistance/protection of said item. This not only allows for some great adventuring, it takes care of the potenital unbalancing of an ongoing campaign. Thoths two coppers.

Here are a few wishes my players have made over the years.

1) A Silver Sword: Location was on the astral plane in a Githyanki city. The problem/fun with stealing Silver Swords is that the Githyanki never stop looking for their lost swords. Keeps players always looking over their shoulder. He He <DM laughter continues> Thoth trivia: who can name the module? In the end, party successful; and there were deaths!
2) Wish for more wishes: A general, but vague, location was given, and that was all. In this case i used an old module where a potential wish could be granted from a Genie. Obviously high level. There were deaths. In the end, party successful; and there was a death! Thoth trivia: who can name the module?
3) Deck of Many Things: Location vaguely given. Spiders, clerics, and demons, oh my! seemed to be the theme. In the end, party successful, yet ended in a TPK! There Thoth trivia: who can name the module?
4) Staff of the Magi: To the players disappointment, the staff was owned by a high level wizard who had no wish (pun intended) to be parted from it. Some deaths, party gave up to return another day. Can you guess the module?
5) +3 Ring of Vampiric Regeneration: Location was at Sorcere, in Menzoberranzan. This worked out since they were driven to do plenty of Underdark adventuring. Had to quit campaign due to some players (military) being called up to go over seas. Thoth trivia: who can name the owner of said magick item?

Well, you get the idea. This not only adds fun for the adventuring players, it also adds fun for the DM/GM; a real win-win, IMO.
What share the rest of you?

04-28-2010, 03:49 PM
Actually, we have not come upon any scrolls with wish spells on them. I will have to be on my toes though, because with the seasoned players that I have, they will be sure to plan out the wording so as to limit the possible manipulations on behalf of the DM.

04-28-2010, 04:35 PM
Wishes are OMFGWTFBBQ powerful spells - and I have totally limited them. Right now, in my entire campaign universe (multi-planets/planes), there are NINE spell-books or scrolls with the spell inscribed.

I've boosted the power of Limited Wish to what the definition of Wish lists, and have tight control of items with that spell.

Also, I've looked into the power that grants said spell - and always default to the path of least resistance - twisting words and using black-and-white interpretations of the TEXT of a worded Wish/Limited Wish.

"I wish I had a sword." Yup - you used to have one.
"I wish I owned Excaliber." Yup - but Arthur is using it right now, even though it's inscribed by "This belongs to Bob" on the blade.

You get the idea. I also use an inverse ratio of success as spoken versus the value of the item/request. If you want a Masterwork dagger with your Wish, you got it - but if you want a +37 life-wounding-uber keen-dancing-vorpal dagger of bludgeoning, count on it appearing for one second - embedded in your skull - then disappearing again.

The Miracle spell, on the other hand, is granted directly through the deity of the player - and almost always default in direct support of the player...

"I wish I had a +1 sword." Yup - you got it - and it's right in front of you... and for the duration of this adventure, it's +3 against the BBEG.
"I need HELP!!" Yup - you got it - four months ago I altered the patrol books of the local militia, and they'll be coming around the corner in three... two... one (insert bugle call here).

Of course, if your deity is evil or a trickster, that's a different story.

04-28-2010, 06:21 PM
We try to run wishes as written up in the PHB, so there isn't too much we do with them. I have yet to experience anyone stepping out of the proscribed description of the spell.
I do not think that wish spells have ever been limited in any way in the groups I've been involved in, mostly because the players tend to be XP greedy and would rather gain a level than cast wish.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
04-28-2010, 07:43 PM
My bad, ignimbrite. After posting this thread, i realized that i forgot to add the poll option stating that one follows the given rules for edition played. Thanks for participating. I thought this thread would be useful for DM's, especially the newer ones, when it comes to different option when dealing with said spells. If this thread helps just one DM, then i have succeeded with this thread.

04-29-2010, 09:15 AM
Wish is pretty redonkulous. The only wish type encounter's i've ever given out (outside of my cheesy early days of gaming) have been through demonic or supernatural origin - i.e. Efreet or demon of desire fulfilling a wish. I tend to use the limits of i developed for my game's divine intervention and apply them. Everything has consequences and must obey the laws of physics (stuff just does not get created from nothing!).

Crom on his Mountain
04-29-2010, 09:39 AM
Wish? There's no wish in E6 or in Conan, what a silly question.

04-29-2010, 01:17 PM
Generally I allow Wishes, weather it's Ring, Scroll, Spell, or other.

Simple wishes are granted without manipulation. Especially if they are unselfish ones.
i.e. "I wish the child cured of all his ailments." - Yup the child would be cured. Maybe down the road I twist it the fact the kid is never sick and even aging isn't affecting him, to angle another adventure or even a future PC/NPC out of it. But it wouldn't be anything bad from it.

Reproducing a spell, yup long as it's a lower level no issue there either. Same level, generally within reason. Higher level (i.e. Epic), well there is some twisting there. :laugh:

Incredibly hard/complex wishes, I would mess with and twist with my bestest RBDM hat on.

I've seen them wasted, I've seen them creative, I've seen them used as a utility. All have their place, and all have a proper reaction to them.

One of the craziest wishes I took part in, was a player not knowing he had a Wish ring stating, "I wish we were Gods." pause, "That way we wouldn't have to worry about this crap."
Well a manipulative DM, and more for the role-playing aspect of it thought it was a great twist. The homebrew we were in had been ripped away from it's place in the Prime to a dimension where the normal gods didn't exist at the time. Took us a cigar break to figure out a way to work it out.
Divine Rank 0, broken up into 20 levels to represent the 20HD of outsider levels every diety had in the Deity & Demigods book. Took about a week of back and forth over email breaking it up evenly but it worked out fairly well. Made for interesting choices as we advanced our characters. I have it on an excel file if anyone is interested in it.

Backfired wishes are always fun as well.