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Temple Mystra, Falling rock tavern, Falling rock wine-sweet white. Taverns Falling Rock
Originally a mining community. It had a reputation for disasters in the mines. Some claim that it there were duegar and others who lived In the mines and resented the miners. The town had both dwarves and human primarily.

The mine has a sinister reputation. It was named the glory hole by the dwarves and humans who were the inhabitants of this town. The mine was an iron mine and the iron ore was of a fine grade. Processing equipment was built and was being smelted to be sent to various places.
The miners discovered a new chamber about three layers down. This chamber was old, predating and had what appeared to be an idol within it. The miners backed out of the chamber, worried about what they had seen.
Two days later, a section of the mine collapsed, killing several miners. Many of those who survived say that they saw a shadowy shape somewhere about the collapsing section. Soon many of the dead miners relatives began to see their deceased members in what they thought were their dreams.
Next a smelter exploded, killing the guild dwarves who lived there. Again a shadowy figure was seen.
The ruling authority of the town called in for aid from the priest of Mystra and an Oracle to see if there was any solution to the mystery. The two had barely began their investigation when the Oracle was killed in an accident, the Oracles head was crushed by a support beam that came down and also killed two of the dwarves that were with him.
The cleric of Mystra then went insane and attacked several of the townspeople before being brought down. The final straw was an fire that spread through the town and destroyed most of the mining equipment.
The witchking (order of the night)of the area brought additional men into the area but some of them died and it was decided to abandon the town.
The towns structures are in a bad way. Structural integrity is weak with many of them. The mine entrance is partially covered. There is a temple to Mystra, really not much more than a shrine to Mystra. All of the buildings are in threat of falling. A profession, archectict or a know engineering will detect those in imment danger. There are some prizes within the structure.

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