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02-25-2007, 12:17 PM
I'm going to start a Midnight campaign at my home in Escondido. The kickoff will probably be in the second half of March, as my books come here with my family in the beginning of March. As there are many who may not be totally aware of just what Midnight is, I'm going to share a bit about it, some useful links, and then detail my personal GM habits. This is a great setting (in my mind at least) and even if you aren't interested in my game, this is something to consider purchasing for your own use.

So What Exactly is Midnight?
The Midnight campaign setting is set on the continent of Eredane, a land with a good variety of ecologies and peoples to match. The history of the setting is well detailed and does much to draw a person into the world. While all the traditional races exist (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, etc.) each is tied tightly to the setting. So things are familiar enough to play easily, but also detailed enough that those of us who like to really define a character in the tapestry of his/her world can.

The basic premise of Midnight is the following question: 'What if evil won?'
In this setting evil - as represented by the dark god Izrador - won. While the Elves and Dwarves maintain independent nations, the humans and other races are crushed and defeated. Pockets of rebellion exist, but they are always on the move and watchful for the eyes of darkness. This is a world that needs heroes. Not just to gain fame and fortune, but to fight the tide of evil and bring a shred of hope to the world.

Some words of caution about Midnight:
It's not standard D&D. While the races are there in name, they are redone to fit the scheme of the setting
The character classes are also modified heavily to fit the context of the setting.
It's dark, evil, and hard. The players are, quite possibly, the only heroes left in the world. It's not an easy path to walk.In an attempt to keep this post brief, I'm going to link out to other resources that can tell you more if you wish to know it:
The official Midnight campaign website (courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games).
The Wikipedia entry for Midnight.
Against the Shadow - the most popular fan site.
Darkness Falls ? a fan site with the 'open source' parts of Midnight for your viewing.
Midnight Chronicles - a site with information about the Midnight movie project (it's well in progress).
http://www.midnight-film.com/What's your plan Craig?
I'm hoping to run a full campaign in this setting. I've really taken to it and think it provides a great opportunity for people to be heroes with actual setting impacting goals before them. I'd like to run a game for four to eight people depending on interest. The game would run at my apartment here in Escondido, on a weekend day (most likely Sunday). I'll have the day locked down, and the kickoff date chosen by mid-March (gotta get my family out here and sort a few things out).

How long will you run?
Typical game sessions last from 4 - 8 hours.
I like to break my campaign up into story-arc's. It allows for short term closure and long term goals.
My story-arc's tend to last about twelve sessions.What else should I know?
I believe in total player control over their PC. You won't be told you can't do/try something.
That does not mean it will work. I enjoy letting the dice determine things randomly.
Midnight is a setting in which poor decisions can quickly lead to the death of a PC.
I don't deliberately kill PC's, but I won't pull NPC punches to keep them alive.
More than anything, I enjoy RPG's because they can be fun for more than one person at the same time.Any house rules I should know of?
You must be clean (body and clothes) to enter my house. Sadly, I do have to say this in advance.
You must be nice to my wife, and kids.
You must be nice to my dog.
You must be a 'good visitor' at my apartment complex. I don't need trouble with the management.
You must bring a sense of humor, and a desire to have a good time (even if that means talking about Heroes for an extra half hour).
Number crunchers, min-maxers, and rules lawyers will be targeted for PC elimination whenever I have to choose between two equal targets.
I do not want to hear about your 27th level character who once killed every major Demon Lord in a prior campaign.
If women choose to participate in this campaign, you are not allowed to hit on them because they know how to roll dice. I will throw you out quickly for any display of lecherous behavior.
I believe in BBQ. On a typical game day I will BBQ for lunch. You are welcome to jump in on some grill action, but bring some brats every now and then eh?
Alcohol, in moderation, is allowed and not frowned upon (just be sure to stop well before you have to drive).
Smoking is allowed, outdoors. I'll have an ash can for you to use.
Drugs are not welcome in my home. What you do in the privacy of your home is not my business.I know, most of that should go without saying -- but experience has taught me to just be up front about it.

That's the whole pitch. If you are interested, please leave a note here, or send me an email/PM through the board system. I'll sort out the numbers as they come in. This has been cross posted to the San Diego Meetup and I have enough people interested already to guarantee that I'm going to run the campaign.

02-27-2007, 02:19 AM
Glad to hear your starting a Midnight game. I'm running one myself and am just two sessions away from finishing off a successful twenty five session arc.

My campaign was entitled "Midnight: Last Age" and I've had a great deal of fun with this world of shadow. Even though Midnight is a very dark and brooding sort of world, I always try to emphasize hope.

The tone of Midnight I was really shooting for in my own campaign is best summarized by the scene from LOTR: Return of the King when the beacon of Amon Din is lit. Yes, evil is all around us. Yes, hope fails and despair prevails in the halls of the powerful. But we have lit this one fire against the darkness. Who yet survives to oppose the risen and all-consuming Shadow?


12-01-2007, 11:48 AM
This one never happened. Timing was wrong and the players I found weren't experienced enough to be comfortable in a setting like this.

03-28-2008, 02:29 AM
i am a player of 5 years experiance please contact me if you would like to test my skills