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Volas Rath
04-19-2010, 02:49 PM
Looking for a few more people for our CyberPunk 2020 Game. For those who don't know what CyberPunk is.. think Shadowrun, without the fantasy elements, and ALOT more realistic combat. It's a great system, and everyone I know loves it. Come join the party! Contact me for more details!

Volas Rath
06-08-2010, 09:36 PM
The first session started off with a bang.

The players were all enlisted to aid "Will" a prominent night club owner in the heart of Night City. Rumored to have high corporate and organized crime ties, Will is a man of distinct culture and class, even though he is in his mid-60's, he never seems to slow down or be caught off guard.

The job was simple, go to a corporate suburbia, pick up the asian daughter of a prominent russian nuclear & biological scientist. "Extract" her quietly, and bring her to a warehouse on the NE docks of Night City, a simple job, the party was issued a few taser guns and a few tranquilizer hypodermics to insure "co-operation" of the package during transit. Transport to the drop off point would be a luxury SUV, with hidden trunk compartment, parked across the street from the target's home.

Dossier of the package indicated her name was Karen Williams, age 34, weight 120lbs. Nuclear biology major. Restrictions of the job including 0 Harm to the package, 0 shots fired, no police or corpsec notifications. Snatch and run assignment.

The party is dropped off right outside the safe zone, and walk into the housing area, dodging a few corpsec patrols without notice.

Upon locating the house of the package, everything is dark. Only a dim streetlight for illumination.

The party does a quick check of the perimeter. No security patrols, no lights. They make entry and sweep the lower floor of the house. Everything is clean and spotless. One of the party notices that a knife is missing from the knifeblock on the kitchen counter, but a quick and quiet sweep of the kitchen reveals no dishes dirty.

Cautiously, they make their way upstairs, where one of the party makes a strange discovery. The books on the shelf in the office are cardboard cutouts, as is the computer on the desk, and the lamp has no bulb and is not plugged in.

On high alert, the party moves to the other side of the house, the only door remaining. Entering the room, the party discovers a bloodbath of epic proportions. The target was butchered and cut to pieces in a truly gruesome fashion. They decide to leave.. quickly. Re-assembling on the upper landing, in front of a giant picture window, they take a quick stock of the situation.

(Now as a GM.. this is where I couldn't help but smile, as I had repeatedly stated they stood in front of a giant picture window..)

The sound of an silenced ultra-sonic rifle being fired, and the bullet slamming into the left leg of one of the party got them out of their little chat.. and scrambling down the stairs for the front door. As they run for the door, they can already hear the sirens wailing.

(As a GM... the panic was priceless..)

The party jumps into the SUV that was parked outside, taking fire from an unknown position. While several hits are taken, no serious injury results. The nomad driving the vehicle floors the accelerator, while the party believes there should be JUST enough time to escape from the authorities.

That's when the driver's side front tire explodes from gunfire... (and the nomad driver rolls a 1 for her driving skill.) which causes the SUV to skid out of control... (and then the nomad drivers rolls another 1 for her driving skill... I laughed.. a lot.) causing the SUV to flip and roll.

Upon crawling out of the wreckage (1 player taking serious injury from the crash.) they are greeted by 6 corpsec security vehicles, and 12 armed and armored men pointing large weapons in their general direction

They Surrender without a fight, seeing no other option.

End of Session 1

GM's Notes - There were quite a few unexpected reactions to certain events, due to the darkness, I never expected them to find the house was "fake." And I honestly fully expected them to bail the moment they DID find out.. but they insisted on seeing the job through. Even better, one of the party walked THROUGH the bedroom with the blood all over the floors/walls/ceilings, making very nice tracks and such. They have no idea what is coming up, but Im pretty sure they are all thinking a nice trip to a very unhappy prison is in their future!