View Full Version : what P2P games whould you like to see as F2P

04-19-2010, 09:47 AM
i been reading a bunch of articles about f2p and p2p (f2p is free to play, p2p is pay to play).
first off all i want to be clear on the f2p games. i am not talking about thoughs Asian bassed ones that say there free but make you're life terrible wail playing so you ether quite or buy from mall.
i am talking about the games that are backed up by a good corp and turned to free. And did a better approach to the f2p market then it's starters. for example, ddo and guild wars. guild wars yes you buy the game but once you do that playing it is totally free. Now i know some mmo's can never be f2p that are p2p just for the concentrated tech behind it. for example eve online, needs that revenue for there top of the line and world envies servers. but as for other mmo's that are p2p that you think would be better and be more successful as f2p models like ddo, and guild wars.
as for a starter i would feel swg (star wars galaxies) would be one that is dieing but is good. that with a little redesign could win the market back as f2p. another that's is down to one server and at end of year will be gone at end of this year is pu (phantasy star universe) would be a good choice in my option.
But i would like too here from any of you that also play mmo's too see you're input. i know not all you do but if the ones that dont play mmo's but do feel certain should be free instead of pay go ahead and post to.

as a after post thought and note:
I always wanted to be a Video game programmer, just don't have the maths skills to back it up. i would love to make a independent mmo, that combines allot of stuff i varies games that make them a hit. Rolled into one i would make it totally free not even item mall. and update and full content as the big guys do for pay eve, swg, and so forth and never expect for the players to pay one red cent in any form for a full well developed mmo. you then might be asking you're self then how would i ever bring in any money to support such a intense game that will keep up with the big dogs. easy i will market other stuff. stuff like hats, shirts (shirts like lets say wow's I survived barrens chat) and other stuff for he kids if they like certain weapons aka gun's and swords i would make high quality toy vrs of them. for the adults i would do the same but for like guns makes them airsoft style for collections and real blades for collections for them so such a investment might pay off in collector value later. make models of the more memorable chars in the game die cast for collectors build the you're on model for others. jus to name a few examples. but alias i dont have the programing skills to do so. but his is my dream.