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04-16-2010, 03:30 AM
Apologies, I'm new and finding it confusing where to post this. I posted this here first, then thought this was the name of an actual particular or specific RPG group, so I removed it, but I can't find anything remotely close to an Oklahoma section on this site except here, so I'm posting this here anyway, I dunno what else to do.

I live about 45 mins from Tulsa, but don't get that way much, I'm just checking to see how many people here are still active, here, as in, post some, and play and such. Just more saying hi than really looking for anything, I don't drive a whole lot and can't really host anywhere.

I have a sort of semi-active group that sometimes plays, very informal friends/family type of mix, I'm 36, friend's 40 some, his house, his wife cooks supper, his nephew and stepson and their friends play, that sort of thing. We've played mostly Warhammer FRP 2E, Call of Cthulhu and I've managed to run Feng Shui, I think twice.

It seems to get harder and harder to get even such a small, tight-knit group together even semi regularly and everyone wanting to play, I just don't know you the rest of you manage it, with such varying schedules and own families and such. Anyway, like I said, just giving out a friendly Hi to everyone, oh and noting I tried to go to Starbase 21 a couple weeks ago and found it closed - talk about me being slow on the uptake.

Edit: I see I may have posted this in the wrong place, but I'm new to this site and not sure where this best goes.

04-21-2010, 12:02 AM
Welcome to the site.

This is a forum for people living in and around the Tulsa area, Northeast Oklahoma being included in that. Some of us game together, many others here play in other groups, and we have not met in person, just talk through the site. So no worries, you posted in the right place. One of the guys I game with, who is not on the site, lives in Claremore and drives to Tulsa for our game. There are a couple of other members that live there. One is active on the site, mostly lurks though, talk to him occasionally by PM (private message). Check the player tab, type in your zip and set the search parameter to 10 or 20 miles to find the closest people. A lot of people cruise in take a look around, don't find anyone right away and never come back. Which is a real shame, networking and establishing a community takes time and a little effort, but in the long run, the rewards are worth it. The Tulsa area has a very active (IMHO) gaming community, more so than anywhere else I have lived anyway.

It can be hard to get everyone together to play. Mostly I just decided to run a D&D game and got enough people together to play, but people miss sessions, and so do I. We all have other things going on. People drift in and out of the group too. We try to play twice a month, but lately we have been lucky to do so once a month. Also I told my wife, "I'm playing D&D every Thursday until people stop showing up. Consider it cheap therapy".

A heads up about Starbase 21, it is a comic book and collectible store. No RPG material to speak of, other than the obligatory 20 lbs of Chessex dice. I think they used to carry more stuff but it wasn't selling and they scaled back to just the other stuff. The guy that runs the place also only works 9-5. Doors close promptly at 5:00, which makes it hard for people to get over there and buy things, since most of the rest of the world works the same hours. Unless you are a "Kept Man of Leisure" like myself :p, then you have time to go check these places out.

04-21-2010, 06:26 AM
Thanks for the reply, good to know I posted in the right place. Like I said, I was just sort of dropping everyone a note saying hi, no real intent right now, just seeing who all was around.

Starbase 21 is *CLOSED* closed, as in, bare empty walls and concrete floors. I never thought I'd see that, at the time I remember going there a lot, it was the big gaming store and had the largest inventory of various materials, plus all the comic and action figures and toys and cards and such.

I ran a CoC scenario for a friend and his stepson the other night, from a module I bought from SB21 over a decade ago, it was a good simple one, good for one session, its own "mythos", not branching out much into HP's stuff, but it went well, took about 6 hours. Been a while since I had run anything, so I was pleased. Another player, friend's nephew was supposed to play but he left to go game with his friends - kids!

Anyway, thanks again for the info! -JP

04-22-2010, 07:29 PM

I just wanted to drop a word or two in to let you know that we are out there in role playing land. The group I play with has been slaying dragons and rescuing damsels in distress for almost 8 years and still going strong. There is the core group of 4 of us all above the age of 30. We often have additional players that rotate in and out (lately on of our players wife has joined in the fun).

Most players we have had for any length of time (when I say length of time I mean like 6 months +) has stopped playing due to work issues. We play every other weekend and do so like clockwork. Every once and a while one of us will have to be whisked away by his wicked wife on some honey-do and will miss a game session. If two or more are missing we will have a Halo death match night or some other game we vote on.

I think the key to our longevity is we don't play just to play, we play to socialize. We like each others company. We get along playing D&D just as well as we would playing poker. If you can find a group of people that have that same re-pore, then they will find excuses to play not the other way around.

Hope this is of some encouragement to you jpatterson!

In pursuit of the game,

04-23-2010, 04:03 PM
No, Starbase21 is still open for business. They just don't carry any RPG material anymore. Only comics and other collectible type things. I was merely saying that it was hard to get over there, because they close early, right at 5:00 when most people get off of work.

04-24-2010, 03:52 AM

Well, now I AM curious, because about March 15 when I went there, and looked in the window past the big Spiderman decal on the window, it was a cavernous, bare concrete floor and walls shell - definitely no products of any kind whatsoever in there, just deserted building. Has Starbase 21 moved from where it used to be, next to Wigland, and if so, when? If not - did I see into another dimension (and I don't mean that snidely, I'm a moderator on a paranormal site, heh).

04-25-2010, 11:32 PM
Well they may have moved, I have not lived here very long so.... The first time I went there was last summer back in June. I stopped by to buy my brother a Spiderman shirt for his b-day since he is a Spiderman nut. Anyway, I was there again a month or so and they were open. The location listed on the web site is: 8222 E 103rd St, Tulsa, OK 74133. Which is south of the Creek Turnpike on Memorial. So I'm not sure if this is a new location or if they have just gone out of business?

04-26-2010, 04:24 AM
Thank you, you're right. They moved. I had no idea. It has been much longer than I thought since I've been in there. Thing really changed, and I never left the state or this area, just hadn't gotten out much. Wow. That's sad.

05-17-2010, 07:36 PM
gaming stuff is usually restricted to top deck games and wizards asylum and nice to meet you and yes rl demands for alot of people are hard I myself live in coweta and looking for a group only mosst saturdays i'm unable to make it.