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02-22-2007, 08:48 PM
Hey all, I'm looking for serious D&D players within the next month or 2 (possibly 3!depending on how things go), once I get a place & an internet connection of my own -- it doesn't matter whether or not the game takes place via the internet or tabletop -- to me an internet game would be easier for me, but we'll just see how things go. I've got a game planned in my head, part Forgotten Realms, part horror, with a definate nod to the CTHULHU mythos, and part planescape campaign, with some ideas from Legend of the 5 Rings thrown in. I know, it's a bit early, but I thought by advertise and try to see what types of characters people want to play. Please note as a DM I don't like to ROLL play-- there will be plenty of dice rolling, but I would much rather focus on the player and NPC interactions rather than battles. Battles will be RARE (don't join if you want a ton of battles). It may be a few days before I get back to you as I don't have a steady internet access at the moment -- write if interested.

The game starts in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting in the city of Waterdeep in what would be November some 150 odd years in the future from the timeline of the books. Guns (as presented in the DMG) are available, but you still need an exoctic weapon profency. New cults, political intrigue, strange monsters, assasinations, and more. The fate of the world is truly in your hands!

http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare...p-overview.htm (http://boards1.wizards.com/leaving.php?destination=http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/castle/2566/waterdeep-overview.htm)

About the game
Because there are horrific elements in the game I'll be using horror, fear, and madness checks. Also from "Heroes of Horror" I will be using "Taint"

2nd lvl characters (ecl +1 allowed)

I don't use cross class skills. Just include some sort of explanation in your background as to why you have that skill in that proportion.

I don't use favored classes.

Age tables for adjustments due to class are not being used

Height/ weight tables are not being used

If you wish to use a race/ class/ skill/ feat/ class/ etc from any resource outside what I have, please ask me

Descriptions, background, and journaling are encoraged and will be rewarded in game tho not always in the obvious ways. I may give rare spell components, components with which to make magic items, unusual abilities, skill points, feats, amongst other things.

Here's a list of races that I automatically won't say no to

+1 ECL:

+0 ECL
Deep Dwarves, Deep Gnomes, Deep Halflings, Forest Gnomes, Gray Dwarves, Gray Elves, Wild Elves, Wild Gnomes, Wood Elves, Arctic Dwarves, Arctic Elves, Arctic Gnomes, Desert Dwarves, Desert Elves, Desert Gnomes Jungle Dwarves, Jungle Elves, Jungle Gnomes

+0 ECL
Lizard Folk

+1 ECL
Aasimar, Air Genasi, Air Mephling, Chaond, Earth Genasi, Earth Mephling, Fey'ri, Fire Genasi, Fire Mephling, Shadowswyft, Tanarruk, Tiefling, Water Genasi, Water Mephling, Wildren, Zenythr

Please note because of cultural, racial, socio-economic, and religious differences, I may impose a -2 to -4 penalty when dealing with certain groups.

All standard classes are available, plus the following:
Spirit shamans
Chaos mage
Favored souls
Wu Jen

Similar to the ideas presented in Skills and Powers in 2nd ed, I'm breaking up some of the stats:
Dexterity is broken up to Manual Dexterity and Dexterity. Manual Dexterity covers the following: open lock, slight of hand, use rope, and perform.
Dexterity covers the following move silently, hide, escape artist, ride, and tumble, as well as increases your land speed by 5 feet per +1 bonus.

Charisma is broken up into Charisma (which is rolled) and Comliness (which you choose)

I'm also thinking about using a stat called Luck. I also may be using Action points.

Perform is affected by manual dexterity (to be able to play), wisdom (to know what to play), constitution (to be able to play longer), charisma (force of personality to cause magic to come from it), and comliness (during stage performances only)

Gather information/ diplomacy/ bartering is affected by charisma (force of personality to persuade), comliness (unless they're wanting to deal with an ugly SOB), and wisdom (to be able to know what to say) and roleplaying effectiveness

There may be more which I may alter.

Some things to keep in mind:
Death is relatively permenant. Dragging stinking dead bodies around with you (unless you have a way or putting them in temporal stasis, or stuffing them into a bag of holding [saw a character do that once LOL] or anything like that} isn't a good way of making friends. Furthermore it can be dangerous [tho not always so] (as that body might come back to life as an undead)

Ideal group Monte Cook/ Malhalvoc Press' alternative bard from "Songs of Soul and power" with an emphasis on rogue abilities, ranger, druid, paladin or cleric (or combo), wizard/ sorcerer/ etc

Location (if tabletop) Chicago
Otherwise, online
if interested write me back directly cohojes@iit.edu (cohojes@iit.edu)