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Inquisitor Tremayne
04-08-2010, 08:03 PM
April 5th, 2010

As the dust settles in the Mon Calamarian Embassy, Todrin and Stee realize the thermal detonator explosion was not as powerful as that of a typical thermal detonator. However, it was still powerful enough to knock people down and cause several by-standers to go into critical condition.

Or channels the Force to heal Ackbar but the Mon Cal that he was trying to apprehend draws a blaster and begins firing away.

A human from out of the shadows begins firing upon the Mon Cal assassins, stunning them into submission.

Medical droids and additional embassy security arrive while Ambassador Nuukol's aide informs the crowd gathering outside that there was an assassination attempt on his life.

Ackbar and the PC's, along with Nuukol and his protector Kaan, retreat to Nuukol's chamber where he seeks solitude in his room.

The PCs and Ackbar attempt to contact the Quarren Ambassador and warn him of the attack but are met with a cold reception.

Ackbar leaves to see if he can get an opportunity for all of them to interrogate the assassins.

Stee, Elismate, Todrin, and Or meet Kaan.

Ackbar returns to gather the PCs and to leave to interrogate the assassins. The PCs learn that these two would-be assassins seem to be lackeys and were possibly set up. Their weapons along with their thermal detonator were rigged to fail. They also learn that there is a scheduled hit by a hired professional to kill the Quarren Ambassador the next day. In addition they learn that these two received their orders through a series of drop points and that their contact's name is Avreet, meaning Comrade in Mon Cal.

The PCs attempt to gather information about this terror group or to find out any information about the hired assassin but to no avail. There is a brief attempt to investigate all of the drop points but nothing fruitful comes from it. Then the PCs go to the Quarren Embassy to get a sense of the area there and what to expect. Elismate enters the Quarren embassy and is stopped and searched and asked for his id. He is then led to a secured private room and left there. The rest of the PCs return to their lodgings to rest up for the next day.

The next day the PCs arrive very early and survey the scene as more and more citizens pour in to watch the speech by the Quarren Ambassador. The PCs begin taking positions and surveying the area (through a skill challenge) and then initiative is rolled!

Cy the Wander
04-08-2010, 09:29 PM
Or hopes Elismate is doing okay, and wonders if the group will have to break him out of jail--again

Inquisitor Tremayne
04-19-2010, 10:30 PM
We return to Mon Calamari...

Todrin, Or, and Kaan manage to successfully rescue the Quarren ambassador and kill the Rodian assassin. Meanwhile, Elismate is taken from his holding room in the Quarren embassy by Imperial Grand Moff Ellos Sans, his mother! They return to her Star Destroyer in orbit.

Todrin, Or, and Kaan learn that the mysterious figure known as Avreet was none other than Nuukol, the Mon Calamarian Ambassador! He faked his own assassination in an attempt to sway public opinion while attempting to actually kill the Quarren ambassador with the hopes he would be replaced by someone who actually wants to form a treaty.

Todrin, Or, and Kaan, decide they must rescue Elismate and devise a plan to hitch a ride with the Quarren ambassador as he travels to the Star Destroyer for a meeting.

They then sneak and bluff their way to the detention level where Elismate is being held. A fight ensues and just as they are making progress the entire area begins to fill with poisonous gas!!!

Will the heroes rescue Elismate and make it out alive? Tune in in two weeks to find out!

Inquisitor Tremayne
05-17-2010, 10:17 PM

The detention block continued to fill with knockout gas, while the PCs battled a large size stormtrooper (Yuzzem), a heavy blaster rifle wielding stormtrooper (rodian), and a Terminator-type human female. Todrin, Kaan, and Or were all Ko'd and captured, while Elismate was Ko'd and re-captured.

Shoa Culu (the miraluka padawan of Or) flies to Mon Calamari and contacts Stee who is still planet side. She is frantic and says she senses Or is in grave danger! Stee, knowing his friends snuck on board the Star Destroyer in orbit, decides to check the flight schedules to see if there are any flights going to the SD. Through a successful use of Use Computer he discovers that an Imperial Shuttle is scheduled to dock with the orbital shipyards. Stee contacts Ackbar who pulls some strings to allow them to dock at the ship yard.

A skill challenge later and Stee and Shoa have successfully snuck through the shipyard and onto the Imperial Shuttle.

Meanwhile, Or awakes to find that he is imprisoned in a Geonosian Containment Field and attempts to break free and gets stunned back into unconsciousness.

Or then wakes up later and sees Ellos Sans (Elismate's mother) standing in front of him. She is sizing up the wookiee and asks where Shoa is. Or refuses to answer and she says it is no bother, Inquisitor Pasiq will get him to talk and capture Shoa as well.

Ellos then visits Kaan and asks him if he is still for hire. He says maybe and she suggests having him stay with the current party and report to her on their activities. Depending on what happens.

Ellos then visits Todrin and questions Todrin's loyalty to Elismate (to which he replies there is none). She informs Todrin that she knows about his family and that she is in fact Elismate's mother.

Ellos then visits her son, she sighs and asks rhetorically what she should do with him. Elismate plays it cool and jokes about sprucing up his room and getting better treatment. To which his mother replies his situation is dire, he has two options, one in her mind because she doesn't want her son to be executed, his options are to join her or die. Elismate says he chooses death. She says so be it and attempts to close the door but he gets his foot in the way and Ellos reopens the door and tells him to step back. Elismate makes some unsavory comments and Ellos nods to the human female terminator lady who enters the cell and punches Elismate. Elismate attempts to flee but is stunned into unconsciousness.

What will happen next time!?

Will Stee and Shoa be able to rescue everyone before Inquisitor Pasiq arrives?

Will Ellos really allow her own son to be executed?

Stay tuned in 2 weeks!

Inquisitor Tremayne
06-01-2010, 10:34 PM
On board Mom's Star Destroyer!

Stee and Shoa successfully manaage to sneak aboard Moff Ellos San's star destroyer and sneak their way to a small control room. (The shuttle that they sneaked aboard landed in the same hangar bay as The Maddened Mynock!) On the way there they bump into Elismate's R2 unit, G0, and Or's communications droid, ET-74. The droids tag along with Stee and Shoa! ONce they get to the small control room they defeat a group of stormtroopers and a couple of Imperial Officers while ET-74 and R2-G0 slice the computer and discover the locations of their companions. After some discussion on who to rescue first, Stee decides to go after the wookiee Or.

We then find Elismate in his cell, awake, and his mother again opens his door. This time with a squad of stormtroopers with her. She tells him to come with her, she is moving him to a different cell. Elismate notices a significant lack of troops/guards on the path to his new cell and the new detention block lacks a single guard. He is escorted into his new cell and the door is closed behind him. In the small chamber he finds a datapad, tool kit, security kit and a blaster pistol. The datapad contains a not from his mother that says:

I canít let you be killed but I canít be implicated in your escape. You will use your own skills to escape this cell and detention block which you will find relatively easy. This detention block is also on the same level where your ship, the Maddened Mynock is being held in a docking bay. You will find the path to the docking bay relatively clear. If you are caught again I cannot guarantee your safety. Know that I will no longer search for you or your friends, I have other duties to attend to, but know that Inquisitor Pasiq will hunt you down. I suggest you maintain a low profile and perhaps in the future we may yet be a family again.
Love, Your mother

We then cut scene to Todrin, shivering in his cell. His cell door opens to reveal the female human replica droid that the party faced earlier that day. This time she has no equipment on her except for a remote control device that releases Todrin from his manacles. She then goads Todrin into hitting her, all the while laughing as he struggles to land a blow!

Inquisitor Tremayne
08-21-2010, 11:33 AM
Stee and Shoa manage to rescue Or and they all sneak their way to subsequently rescue Todrin and then Kaan.

Meanwhile, Elismate escapes his cell and finds his path to his ship, The Maddened Mynock, to be clear and unguarded a his mother said it would be. He arrives at the hangar and begins to sneak his way there and suddenly finds himself floating in the air! His blaster pistol is pulled from its holster and flung across the floor! He is turned around by some unseen force and finds himself face to face with Inquisitor Pasiq!

The rest of the group is headed to the hangar but on the way their they come to an armory! They find it well stocked with Stormtrooper gear. Most notable is an illuminated glass display case with a heavily modified suit of armor (picture War Machine from IM 2). The suit of armor allows Todrin to be able to move his broken body around better. Everyone armed and ready they move out and arrive at the hangar only to see Elismate still hanging there in the air struggling. Inquisitor Pasiq tells them to surrender and Todrin replies by shooting her with a missile from his new armor!

The fight is intense! Pasiq eventually becomes overwhelmed and she sets off a series of explosions throughout the hangar which knock Stee, Elismate, and Shoa all unconscious! A final critical hit from Todrin puts a blaster bolt right between her eyes and Pasiq is finally killed. The party then quickly gathers up the other fallen PCs just as stormtroopers begin to arrive, everyone boards the Mynock and they flee the SD.

As they enter space they find Pasiq's SD had launched TIEs after them, and they pick up another small fighter, it is Vor'en! He tells them he knocked out the tractor beam and turbolasers on the SD they just left so they all just need to blast out of there! He says he is going to Nar Shaddaa and everyone jumps into hyperspace!

After a short trip in hyperspace and doing a thorough search of the ship for tracking devices the PCs arrive at Nar Shaddaa. They dock at Tallar's Port, the docking bay owned and operated by Piknab. They have no contact from Mon Mothma or The Second Wind, or Vor'en so they search out Miquesh and find that he is missing as well. Their investigation suggests they enter the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, but first, Todrin, Elismate, and Stee all check into a hospital to heal their extensive injuries. Vor'en arrives and says he has located Mon Mothma and the crew of The Second Wind. Elismate says he needs to go find answers to his questions and leaves the group. Everyone else boards Vor'ens ship and heads to Naboo.

On Naboo the PCs receive some much needed rest. Todrin is reunited with his pregnant wife, Leida. Everyone is given a week of rest and recovery before debriefing.

After a week Mon Mothma calls everyone together, Vor'en and General Valtan is there as well. After the PCs recant their story, Mon Mothma announces that she is giving up the fight due to financial concerns. She can no longer afford to support this resistance effort and Leida and Todrin are getting ready to raise a family, and the Empire is growing to fast and is too large to stop at this point, so she is calling it quits for now. She says she would like to keep everyone around as protection for her and her family but if they wish to leave she will compensate them monetarily. But everyone agrees to stay on.

1 year later!

Todrin and Leida have twin girls, Sera and Reina. Kaan has an apartment in the nearby town. Or and Shoa spend time training.

Then one find day the Empire arrives! Mon Mothma calls everyone together and says she has received a distress call from Naboo's queen. The Empire has invaded to seize control of its agricultural production and mining operations on their moons. The invasion is led by Moff Panaka. Mon Mothma can't risk exposure because the Queen would then be implicated in harboring Mon Mothma and the Queen can't be involved in any resistance operations because her people would suffer even more, so Mon Mothma decides to set up an underground resistance on Naboo. Hopefully the resistance will afford her and the rest of the PCs enough of a distraction that they can flee the planet. Todrin, Kaan, Or, and Shoa leave for Theed to arrange these resistance cells while Stee stays behind as protection for the family.

The PCs in Theed encounter heavy Imperial check points but eventually arrive at a secret meeting with Captain Reed (of the Queen's security forces) and others. The PCs are to aid Captain Reed in setting up this resistance. He tells the that he has recieved word of a meeting that was arranged by a man named Graff, who is supposedly very wealthy and wants to start his own resistance operation. Captain Reed wishes the PCs to attend this meeting and see what he is all about.

The PCs do indeed attend the meeting but it is quickly revealed that it was an Imperial trap to root out dissenters on Naboo AND Graff was the ISB agent behind it! After a fierce battle, the Imperials escape with a few prisoners but the PCs manage to capture Graff. The PCs take Graff and the other rescued citizens back to a safe house and Todrin begins to interrogate Graff and kills him in the process.

After then deciding what to do next, Or and Shoa feel a great disturbance in the Force and they know that the Empire has just killed a significant number of prisoners, the PCs fly into action and go to rescue them! They find Graff's estate was turned into a prison camp, surrounded by stormtroopers in towers and an AT-ST walking the grounds. After some deliberation, Kaan charges the command shack and finds himself quickly overwhelmed and is eventually killed. While Todrin secures one of the towers, Or and Shoa break into the camp and begin to rescue the prisoners. However Shoa is then barraged with blaster fire and she falls unconscious! After finally destroying the AT-ST, the rest of the Stromtroopers begin to quickly fall while the rest of them flee for the hills. The PCs take 2 speeder trucks and pile everyone in it and flee the camp just as more Imperial Troops arrive!

Returning to the safe house the PCs learn that Captain Reed has found a base of operations and everyone returns there. In a meeting with Captain Reed they discuss the next steps, setting up supply lines and building the base. The PCs head out into Theed and secure a durasteel supplier.

To be continued...

Inquisitor Tremayne
09-11-2010, 11:21 AM
The PCs spend the next 2 days setting up supply lines for the resistance. Captain Reed then informs them that they have just recieved word that a Gungan noble by the name of Bar Bari has been taken prisoner by Imperial forces in the underwater Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. The PCs are to rescue him.

Arriving at the underwater city they find a small prison and begin fighting their way in. They arrive just a few seconds too late and see Bar Bari being loaded into a submersible speeder truck. Slicing into the prison's computer they learn that Bar Bari is being transferred to a Bounty Hunter! The meeting point is in the swamp.

The PCs arrive just as Bar Bari is being unloaded and they manage to wipe out the Imperial troops while the Mandalorian armored bounty hunter escapes.

The Pcs rescue Bar Bari and they all return to base. They find Mon Mothma and everyone else is there. She says the estate where they were living was compromised and it is now time for her to leave, the longer she stays the more danger the Queen is in. So everyone loads up in Drox and Vor'en's transports and flee the system! They jump to Nar Shaddaa and then onto pick up The Second Wind.

Inquisitor Tremayne
10-06-2010, 07:47 AM
After spending some time getting The Second Wind back in order The Second Wind receives a visit from a female human named Sky Marshall CB Dienes. Apparently she is an old friend of General Valtan's and is considering an alliance between Mon Mothma's resistance and Dienes organization the Confederacy in Hiding (CIH). However, Mon Mothma needs more time to consult her contacts and gather her alliances before they proceed. In the meantime Or wishes to visit Ossus to check on how the people there are doing, he convinces everyone to go including Dienes.

Using Drox's ship they all travel to Ossus and discover the people are doing just fine, except for the chief who has lost his arm and the holocron to someone they call death.

The PCs set out across Ossus with Jem and Rayf as their guides. They have several random encounters before arriving at a dark side tainted massive ruined city. They call in Stee and Drox's ship and Dienes's troops, 2 tanks and 10 battle droids. They descend on the ruined tower that Or and Shoa sense the strongest Dark Side emanations from. Drox and Dienes fall into a pit with a giant Rancor, Or jumps into the Pit to aid them, meanwhile Shoa and Todrin fight off a lightsaber wielding creature.