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Inquisitor Tremayne
04-08-2010, 07:46 PM
Time line of events (ABC = After the Battle of Coruscant or the events presented in Episode III)

6 months ABC

Month 1
PCs meet in a cantina on Corellia and meet Tan Endac
Travel to Tattooine to drop off cargo, discover Tan's treatchery
Learn about Piknab and travel to Ryloth to resupply
Trave to Nar Shaddaa to meet Piknab and return ship
Piknab hires the PCs
Hyperspace mishap and the PCs end up in the Telfiroth system
On Ryloth the PCs meet Sesh, drop off cargo
Pick up new cargo on Ryloth that is headed for Kashyyyk
Return to Telfiroth to investigate wrecked ship, pirates arrive and the PCs jump to Kashyyyk
Arrive Kashyyk and taken prisoner

1 year ABC

Everyone is freed by a wookie Jedi Master Chal and they arrange to free Or's family from trandoshan slavers
In the process they free another Jedi Knight, Kavilo, and Chal sacrifices herself so the others may escape
PCs flee to Garqi
On Garqi the PCs meet Lara Gast (aka Leida Mothma)
Or's family stays on Garqi
PCs decide to work for/team up with Lara
PCs return to Nar Shaddaa to supply and meet with Piknab
Piknab offers an impossible job for the PCs to clear their debt
PCs arrive on Tatooine to pick up cargo and rent another captains freighter
PCs arrive at Arkania and attacked upon landing, they leave for Tattooine
PCs leave for Ondselendsav and spend an entire day scanning the planet
Land at Tavel, the small town, and scout out the town, PCs decide to stay for one month
Lara and Todrin become close

1 year, 1 month ABC

Stee's scouting missions bear fruit and he discovers the Imperial Listening post
PCs assault the listening post and destroy it

1 year, 2 months ABC

PCs arrive at Tanel and Inquisitor Pasiq is there waiting for them, PCs flee to Nar Shaddaa
Ambushed by bounty hunters at Nar Shaddaa and jump Ithor, and then back to Garqi
New mission orders arrive to scout the planet Gantro
Arrive at Gantro, scan the planet, and upon further investigation discover Aliens.
Big fight on top of dark side temple
Set up new base on Gantro

2 years, 3 months ABC

Leida and Todrin married, Leida 6 months pregnant
Mon Mothma capture, PCs embark on a rescue mission
PCs start with Chandrila to begin investigation
Or tortures Tinna Holth and discovers the location of Mon Mothma
After an encounter with Stormtroopers and launching a concussion missile into Chandrila's starport the PCs flee and jump to Corellia
Jump to Bestine, try to find info on Inquisitor Pasiq with no luck, meet Jek Porkins
Discover Pasiq's stronghold on Bestine and infiltrate it, they rescue Mon Mothma and Shoa Culu
Kavilo distracts Pasiq with a final confrontation that allows the PCs to flee
However, Stee falls behind and is held in Pasiq's grasp, she tells him now is not his time to die and throws his unconscious body to the rest of the PCs and they flee
Due to their actions on Chandrilla the PCs are given separate missions
Or goes off to Ossus
Todrin escorts Mon Mothma on a diplomatic mission to Dantooine
Elismate is tasked with investigating the Coalition for Progress on Coruscant
Stee is sent to discover information on Tarkin
Everyone returns to Gantro, except Stee, who arrives in orbit with an ominous message, he still has work to do and the Empire may know where the base is
As soon as Stee jumps away the Empire arrives in orbit, everyone defends the base as preparations are made to scatter
Standing orders are to lay low
Stee is fails in his mission, is betrayed, and is subsequently rescued by the man he was sent to kill

2 years, 5 months ABC (Leida 7 months pregnant)

Everyone is laying low on Nar Shaddaa, Stee eventually arrives
PCs help save Anton who was being hunted by Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) agents and a dark side force user
Decide to settle things with Piknab, Piknab agrees to cut them a deal if they capture Tan Endac, PCs agree
PCs find Tan working for The Exchange (a galaxy wide criminal organization)
Telos is under heavy Imperial control with Stormtroopers everywhere
PCs meet a small group of dissenters and their leader Cal, PCs agree to free Cal's wife and others that were sent to Kessel
In the process of trying to find out where Cal's family was taken the PCs decide to become bounty hunters and locate a Snivian who was hiding out on Tattooine with his family. After striking terror in then the PCs decide to help the Snivian and his family and relocate them to Ryloth
Todrin meets with a holoprojection of Tan Endac
PCs assault Tan's ship in orbit and kill him in the process
PCs return to Nar Shaddaa and meet with Piknab, Piknab is angry over only having Tan's dead body, offers one last ultimatum, pay him or else
Todrin gets 20,000 credits from the family to pay off Piknab
New mission orders come down, rendezvous with The Second Wind in the Sullust system
New orders when they arrive are travel to the Imperial blockaded planet of Eriadu,
PCs beak through the blockade and discover the secret Beacon Base where they meet Vor'en, Dodonna, and Rieekan
Orders are to attack Tarkin and eliminate him while the Empire engages his forces in space
Stee kills Tarkin
PCs evacuate the other 2 teams then discover the Empire is furiously searching for them, the PCs decide to flee the planet
in a narrow escape the PCs return to Sullust with a rescued Ackbar, who wants to return to his home world
The PCs are asked by Mon Mothma to be Ackbar's escort and assist him as needed until he deems them no longer needed.
The PCs travel to and arrive at Mon Calamari
There they meet Ambassador Nuukol, a companion of Ackbars'
Nuukol ask Ackbar and the PCs help as protectors. They meet Kaan another of Nuukol's protectors
There is an assassination attempt against Nuukol
The PCs question the assassins and learn of an attempt directed at the Quarren Ambassador scheduled to take place the next day
Elismate gets captured trying to get into the Quarren embassy
PCs arrive at the Quarren embassy the next morning before the speech.