View Full Version : hi everyone do u guys/girls play ddo

04-03-2010, 04:39 PM
hi again
have been having problems with chat.
so until it is fixed i went for trying ddo.
got the idea from one of adds on this web page.
so i wanted to know if any of u play ddo.
if so what server and name.
maybe we can play togather.
when i am done downloading it i will post the server and name of toon here.
no one has already posted anything.
i just made a char lvl 1 fighter/ lvl 1 wizard name Nysrogh Succubus on server Cannith
i would of made a drow assign/rogue but i need 400 fav to unlock it so i wait
if u play pm me say ur name and from pen and paper and we can party togather :)

04-03-2010, 10:06 PM
I tired out DDO back when it was in beta, which was probably a bad move on my part. The experience turned me off to playing the game once it went gold, and now that it is supported by micro-transactions, I can't see myself picking it up.

04-05-2010, 06:28 PM
i am now lvl 1 fighter and lvl 3 wizard in game with named toon as above for.
though's people that have not played but might be willing to join me i am giving this review.

well to put it in the most elegantly way i can in a few sentences.

have u ever been in a dnd group that the dm is very good takes time to put the effort in so its fun for everyone to the last detail, and in this game setting this world is great u have fun in every way. but at same time u know u could bribe the dm to get what u want fully 100%. Not just u but anyone in the group can and u all know the dm's price to do so.
this is just like that group.

let me get to the grunt of it now.
the cons.
the pro's
and way to play the game.

way to play the game is 4 different styles.
1rst is totally free no money (use fav to get ddo points to spend)
2nd is free but popping money in to get what u want from ddo store (bypassing fav and cold hard cash buys it)
3rd is pay the month fee (having access to all races and classes and battle packs from the get go)(and using fav to get extras)
4rth is pay month fee and use cash to get ddo points (totally disregarding the fav all together)

2nd con's
few things to remember is some dnd stuff just doesnt go in as a game especially mmo's.
for example u do have skills but 2 i have found actually dont do anything real in game but pix's saying u have X rank in them
they are
jump and climb
u can have rank 10 in them or -5 too. Every player jumps the same way the same length same style by using space bar this skill as a skill does nothing to affect it. same with climb u could have 10 or -5, u can be over burden, but as long as ur hands touch the edge all u have to do is push W key and u climb just fine.
another con is people with money if u can pop down 70 bucks u can start out with a god toon as a dnd char.
let me explain
it uses point system 20 points and depending on race is the by lets say human ever stat is 8 till u add points.
but for 20 bucks u can double that to 40 points to use.
and 10 more u can get less - on though's points
instead of costing 2 points to in cress 1 point of attribute by buying this extra becomes 1 point used
when it wold cost 3 points to in cress by 1 attribute be 2 points come in (u see know what i mean u give dm what he wants as a bribe he gives u the uber stuff)
also about attribute scores lets say u paid that 30 bucks and got 40 points instead of twenty and got the point usage lesser item
and ur in game u pop down another 30 bucks u have now a complete set of tombs +5 to that stat and be able to use at lvl 1
still bribing the dm i see hmm
not least though pop down lets say 100bucks and when out of starting area dm is nice about this at least u have gear waiting for epic gear usually meant for epic chars +10 weapons + there enchant ment same with armor and gear.
well it cost u 160bucks bribing the dm but ur a god at lvl 4

now about the pro's
ok folks after that cons i know what u saying wtf will always be unbalanced will the dm of game hears ur pleas didn't go unanswered just u have to work a little harder than with people with money to blow.
u get free ddo points yup i said it u do get hem free and free locked classes and races so this is how it works
first ddo points
every 50 favor points u earn by questing they give u free 25 ddo points every time u clear a event (a event is when u do all stuff of area as a hero and cleaned it out for dm like starting area or 2nd zone stormrech harbor u get bonus of 50 ddo points)
so u can get everything the poeple got by pooping down the 160 for free. and respect of the other players too the people that payed to get it fast are easily spotted and usally unguilded and have bad attitudes because everyone knows the bribed the dm and got urber fast and they cant understand why they are disliked.
so with time u can get that stuff too
2nd about classes and races that are locked to get them without spending cash or ddo points.
with ur first toon made ones u reach total all-around favor of 400 u unlock the drow when u make the drow and same get 400 fav total u get warforge.
from warforge same thing 400 fav u get favored soul then 400 fav later monk.
so everything people pay u can get same but just takes time.
now about classes and talents
i am a lvl 1 fighter and lvl 4 wizard every class has one prestige class. and doesn't use a lvl to gain it.
u use ur talents and a feet.
let me explain talents are sim to wow stuff and sim.
there are 5 sub lvl's to 1 actually lvl
first 4 sub lvls give u 1 point each last sub lvl gets u the lvl itself
with talents u can do many things wail u grow in lvl.
increasing a stat to max of 3 as base then another 4 to ur specific class lets say wizard u can gain 3 base and another 4 so u can increasing ur int by 7 and other stats by 3.
also lets say ur a wizard u can increasing ur elemental base spells damage crit and so forth to y these talents.
just a quick over view.
now back to prestige class for wizard well for though's people that like undead this game for u u can become a pale-master way more powerful one than in tomb and blood.
u will be able to control up to 5 skully mages first four through growth are one of each type of element 5th is all three.
4 dif types of undead knights shall i say it yes one is a form a dark pally skully and has very sim powers as if it was a pc.
3 dif types of archer skullys and one beng a type of arcane archer too what fun this be
also if u choose to through talents on pale master u can choose ether or both as self changing
into a wraith or linch
linch last 5min wail u have all the lench's + non of its - and have all ur stuff as a char to add to that template too
same with wraith but wraith form last 10min not 5
oh wait did i mention that all of the pale summons can be out same time i guess i missed that hehe well i should put it in there then.
why u think this needs to be said the pale master is the only class that can do that
if ur a normal wizard lets say with out this talent tree as of pale master if u solo a dungeon is
1 summon monster or but not both same time a golem witch is a doggy style 5 dif types u can unlock
and one hireling unless u spend ddo points for gold hirelings then max of 2 of them same time.
as a pale-master u can have summon monsters out from 1 each lvl 1-9 all 5 golems 1 hireling 2 if gold 5 skully mages 4 skully knights 3 skully archers and to top it off be in ether wraith form or linch form i have seen this done once in game
in lobster tavern in stormreach harbor it has a back room a big dogo for pvp thats where i seen in this guy was standing in one of he small rooms in this maze just waiting for a poor solo char to try to take him down in pvp battle dogo back of lobster party cant be formed solo pvp only.

well i hope this helps to make ur mind up if u want to play this is just a taste of good and bad of game here is more.
my char name is on first post with server come and join me
also i been told my past post where bad in being to blocked and un syntexed.
i have been trying to correct this to make them more pleasing to read.
any true help in this is welcome.

Keith Witcher
04-14-2010, 03:17 PM
I used to play it but stopped because I didn't want to keep paying monthly, being poor and all.

However, of all MMO's i've played DDO remains my favorite, the quests actually varied from time to time and building your character was always interesting. The Necropolis was tons of fun as each dungeon had a rather unique challenge. However, there is something I should mention: I played with 4 friends who had never played the game before and that's what made it fun, the adventure and puzzles of each dungeon. If you play with someones newest character who already knows the game you quickly find it a dull grind because they'll run up and solve everything for you, and some of the puzzles are quite fun when you figure them out.

04-14-2010, 03:41 PM
Meh. MMO is all combat and doing what everyone else is doing. Not my kind of game.

04-15-2010, 09:10 AM
Not STO. Sure there are combat missions, but there are also exploration missions and you don't have to wait around looking for other people to join your group, you can just head out and explore, fight whatever and if you happen upon an open instance mission, you automatically join up with whoever's there.

Course, I'm not saying you'll automatically like it, it's still an MMO and if you're not into them, there's really nothing that'll make you like them. So far though, I'm enjoying it more than almost every other MMO I've ever played.

That might change though once they start nerfing the game!:biggrin:

But I've stopped playing DDO because of STO.

04-15-2010, 12:11 PM
Meh. MMO is all combat and doing what everyone else is doing. Not my kind of game.

my gf plays highstreet5 its a dancing mmo dancing inst main part mostly a 3d hang out area.
many dif zones.
but when someone wants something to do other than chilling.
the game instead of doing combat does dancing.
its a good game as i see it
does have item mall.
but unlike other Asian based free mmo's u do not actually need anything from it.
i have also seen watching gf play it is a major rp game.

Inquisitor Tremayne
04-17-2010, 01:54 AM
I really really like DDO, I just don't have that much time to play AND I still pay for monthly access. I do not like missing out on content.

The only thing I don't like about the game is other players, and only specific other players, powergamers. They are horrible in DDO. Zerging through levels is the worst.

But if you get with a good group, as I have been so fortunate enough to encounter a lot, then the game rules. Everyone working as a team.

Oh, and jump DOES have an effect. I have seen some that have maxed ranks in jump that jump WAY higher than others! not to mention the jump spell giving you that sweet +10 to jump!

Anyway, I have maxed out all my characters on the server Sarlona and started a few on Khyber. I just do not play very often, I have been on there for years and my highest level is 13 i think. There are some players that get to level 20 in a month... yeah, that is not me. I like a feeling of completeness so I try to finish ALL the quests in level order.

Keith Witcher
04-18-2010, 05:38 AM
Oh, and jump DOES have an effect. I have seen some that have maxed ranks in jump that jump WAY higher than others! not to mention the jump spell giving you that sweet +10 to jump!

if you maxed out a char already you may have already seen this but when a high level wiz gives a monk the +30 jump fun things ensue.

04-21-2010, 01:57 PM

I am more of a City of Heroes and EQ2 player. I did have a paid account for DDO for about three months. It's ok, but i prefer other games.

I probably couldn't get too deep into it because I am also a life member of LOTRO and a lot of the UI and gameplay is very similar.