View Full Version : Making Rotes in Mage the Awakening

04-02-2010, 02:31 PM
Oh hoi thar scallywaggs!

I'm currently playing a mage that has matter as primary school.
Since my DM lets the rules flow, we can make our own rotes and "bend" the rules (as an rpg should let you do!) Ice and frost magic is what I want to focus on but I have no ideas for spells I can make that are cool (pun intended). Any ideas?

My character is a young man in the mid twenties. He is always cold and coughs all the time. He is therefore nicknamed Cough. He is not a melee character and he fights solely for his own protection and not for extinction of others. i thought of an ice sword that he could summon and perhaps make slippery surfaces.

Feel free to suggest :) (but write gently and easy, since english is bilangual to me...)

02-06-2011, 09:34 PM
I've not read through all the rotes already in Mage, but perhaps an ability that drastically lowers the temperature in the room (giving everyone but him dice pool penalties) would fit his self-defensive disposition. Additionally, a rote that freezes armour, making it susceptible to shattering, would be nice. He could perhaps use the same spell on normal cloth, giving it a point or two of Armour rating.

Just a thought,