View Full Version : A Descent into Despair

04-02-2010, 10:15 AM

I am running a multi-group Call of Cthulhu campaign online using Fantasy Grounds and Skype. I currently have two full groups and am looking for a few more players for group #3 for Friday nights at 9:30pm-midnight Central time.

All three groups will be able to interact into one overarching metaplot. Groups will be able to trade rumors/items and can interact or even possibly compete.

I have the Ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds and use skype for talking. You will need a good headset to keep static noise down. Skype is free. For Fantasy grounds you can use my license to play and need not buy a thing... I have the full rules set loaded and all of the companion material that we are using has been placed online.

The open positions fill fast so contact me ASAP.

I am accepting players of all skill levels for CoC... seasoned experts might find the game a little slow at first as the newer players come up to speed.