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So WOTC has this nifty contest where you can submit your character's backstory (500 words or less). The best three will be chosen and posted to their website. The winners also get a signed copy of the PH3.

I posted mine about my Deva paladin/warlock who keeps getting killed by the same vampire.

Thought I'd post the link here so others could join (stupid on my part decreasing the chances of winning :confused:). But good luck.

Also, thought I'd post my story here, for others to read (share yours if you submit):


Years ago, during one of Daxess’s earliest lives, she was a pleasant good-natured female Deva who only wanted to live her life as a humble merchant. She had close ties to the community and many friends whom she considered family.

A powerful man came to the lands, usurped power from the duke, and put a strangle hold on the land. He taxed the inhabitants to the brink of starvation and killed those that could not pay. This man crossed paths with Daxess in a heated dispute over her goods. For her insolence, not only was her business destroyed, but also the powerful man murdered her friends. Daxess could stand by no longer and confronted the man. It turned out the man was no man, but actually a vampire. As Daxess was not trained in the arts of combat, the vampire dispatched her almost instantly and threw her body in a pit with the rest of his victims.

Reincarnated, she found herself a new life with new friends and a new business. However, she came across the same vampire from her past life and suffered the same fate as before. Her friends’ blood drained in front of her eyes, her community burned to the ground, and again her life ending in a swift attack.

Fate’s cruel and sadistic nature has repeated this demise for Daxess across hundreds of lifetimes. Daxess has attempted to train herself to defeat the vampire, but was never able to subdue the vampire. Jaded and emotionally crippled, Daxess comes back one last time to destroy the vampire and rid the world of his existence. She has trained under the temples of the Raven Queen, believing her guidance will be the most useful in bringing this man to her domain once and for all. In addition, she has embraced the dark side of life by making a warlock’s pact with dark spirits. By becoming one with the darkness and risking the possibility of coming back as a rakshasa, she will finally understand and be able to defeat the epitome of darkness.

She joins the adventurers to hone her skills in slaying undead and to prepare her for that ultimate encounter with her adversary. Unfortunately, she remembers very little of the man. She knows he is rich and powerful, but has no recollection of which lands he hails from or what his name is. Most importantly, she would recognize his face from a mile away; as it was the last thing she saw whenever she has died over the past couple of centuries.

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Thanks for sharing man!

I love contests like these. They allow everyone to be a bit creative and also it encourages sharing. This is a great way to get a fast ream of NPC's :)

03-31-2010, 04:13 PM
I noticed something after I started this topic though. Apparently they want PH3 backstories. Maybe they'll accept non-PH3 character backstories, but it seems as though that is what they are looking for. If someone goes to this link, let me know how you interpret the rules?

Fortunately for me, this character uses hybrid rules, so it is technically PH3.

04-01-2010, 12:53 AM
I bet I could win. ^_^

But, I am too lazy to actually write any of my back stories. -_-

04-01-2010, 12:40 PM
I could write an award winning novel, but I'm too lazy.

04-01-2010, 02:04 PM
hopefully your guys' laziness will push me to victory :)

04-01-2010, 10:51 PM
Well, I do what I can :biggrin:. I'm pulling for you.

Soft Serve
04-03-2010, 11:32 AM
Does it actually need a 4E character to go with it?

04-04-2010, 05:05 PM

Soft Serve
04-04-2010, 06:06 PM
Ok. Someone make a 4E character for me and I'll write the backstory for it... :D

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Here is a back story for a Vampire the Masquerade character:

History of Naesby Grimaldi

Born Nov 22, 1804

At an early age I remember my schooling by my father and mother in Copenhagen. We were still recovering then from the British attack in 1807. The Napoleonic Wars were the front page of all the newspapers and I ran off to join up as a drummer boy in the summer of 1815. My father found me and dragged me all the way home. After my education I found myself yearning for adventure so I joined up with a foreign army.
The Revenants are known to age very slowly, and can live hundreds of years. However, this causes problems when dealing with mortal society as childhood can last 50 years. (It takes 3 years just for the female to carry the fetus to full term.) Like normal Ghouls, drinking real vampire vitae will stop their aging completely. Like vampires, Revenants have Humanity problems, and many have problems passing for normal.
I was in Mexico in 1863 with the Legion. Our small infantry patrol led by Capitane Danjou numbered 62 soldiers and 3 officers was attacked and besieged by native infantry and cavalry units numbering 3 battalions (2,000 men). We were forced to make a defense in the Hacienda Camerone. Despite the hopelessness of the situation we fought nearly to the last man. Danjou was mortally wounded in the defense of the hacienda (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacienda), and the last of us mounted a desperate bayonet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayonet) attack. When we three survivors were asked to surrender, we insisted that the Mexican soldiers allow us safe passage back home, to keep our colours (flag), and escort the body of Danjou. Upon hearing this, the Mexican commander commented, "these are not men, they are devils," and out of respect agreed to our terms.
Stubborn: (3 Flaw)
There is conviction of spirit, there is unshakable will, and there is just plain ornery. You fall into the last category. When your mind is made up, or when you are set on doing something, nothing can divert you. For one point, you're set in your ways, but a convincing argument will turn you around. For two points, you're a regular mule, and nothing's likely to change you're opinion short of a catastrophe. For three points, you'll not only defend your conviction to Hell's door, you'll kick it in and argue with the Devil
In 1879, I worked on a stage line that drove through Tombstone, Arizona. I spent a lot of my monies in a gambling concession known as the Oriental Saloon. I witnessed a gunfight at a corral on October 26; 1881. I described the event to the local press and discovered how my story of a small event was received all across the world. About then I decided it was time to head back to the old world and visit my family.
Media Ties: (2 pt Merit)
You have both influences over and contacts in the local media. You can suppress and create news stories (though not always with 100 percent efficiency; journalists are an unruly bunch) and you have access to the files and gossip of the staffs of newspapers and TV stations
My father was working on an alliance treaty project with three nations Italy, Austria-Hungary (http://www.worldwar1.com/athng.htm), and Germany (http://www.worldwar1.com/atger.htm). It netted him a lot of financial wealth and prestige and I learned a trick or two under his tutelage. The instability of Europe and the varied alliances caused major powers to develop plans that would guide the military in the event of a war - plans where nothing would be left to chance. These intricate plans included rigid timetables for troop movements and carefully prepared lists of objectives.
Corporate Ties: (3 pt Merit)
You have both influences over and contacts in the local corporate community. You understand the dynamics of money in the city and have links with all the major players. In times of need, you can cause all sorts of financial mayhem, and can raise considerable amounts of money (in the form of loans) in a very short period of time
As my father was away frequently. I stepped in and did my best to fill the family’s duties and obligations to our masters. I was lucky enough to have the blessing of my father’s master who had sent him on the afore mentioned errand. The education I received was the day to day running of a household during 1901 to 1952.
You have studied the art of managing a household and mastered the various intricacies of such a task. You make a serviceable butler, valet, seneschal or major-domo for your domitor. What's more, you keep up with her affairs among the local Kindred, the better to serve her. You can run every aspect of your master's haven if need be, and might be targeted by enemies who would appreciate your knowledge. Of course, should you ever defect; your master will almost certainly make your death or recapture top priority
The children within these Ghoul Families are born pre-ghouled. They have a set of "Family" Disciplines already in their blood, and can generate a near equivalent of Vampire blood. The individuals of the Ghoul Families are called Revenants. Revenants have a blood pool of 10 points, and regenerate the special blood at a rate of one point a day. For every 100 years they live, their blood pool max increases by one blood point. Vampire vitae can be added to their blood pool in place of their own blood. However, the combination of Vitae and Revenant blood can not exceed the Revenant's normal blood pool size (same as the ghoul's 10 + Stamina rule.)
Wondering how my old en mo motto was faring I reenlisted and even used my own name. We were trained in the new art of parachuting into combat. My first assignment back was to parachute troops into the perimeter at Dien Bien Phu. The 1st battalion, 3e étrangère, and 5e étrangère both called for and received volunteers. Of course I volunteered. Without a doubt, there have never been braver men than those who volunteered to parachute in the dark of night into the besieged strip of jungle which was under continuous artillery fire from Viet Minh guns. But guts and bravery can not prevail against a vastly superior army operating in their own country. In early May, the Viet Minh rolled up the remnants of the French Army. On May 1, the legionnaires holding the firebase Huguette collapsed when the elite Viet Minh 308th Division (the Iron Division) hit us hard. On May 7, firebase Elaine fell. Later that night, the Viet Minh overran Isabelle and with its fall, the battle of Dien Bien Phu ended.
The death march to prison camps killed far more of us than the battle had. About sixty percent of the regular troops and legionnaires died in captivity. The Vietnamese have never been known for gracious behavior toward prisoners. The treatment of the legionnaires and other prisoners captured at the conclusion of the battle of Dien Bien Phu was a particular example of cruelty and unnecessarily harsh treatment of a defeated foe. I was tortured and I became mute.
Mute: (4 pt Flaw)
Your vocal apparatus does not function, and you cannot speak at all. You can communicate through other means -typically writing or signing.
Dealing with my own silence I fled to the new world to the country called Canada. Where I have wandered ever since. I have recently found my way to the capital city of the province known as Saskatchewan. Here I have begun to reemerge from my solitude and loneliness when by seemingly a twist of fate I was spotted by Aris.

Physicals (10): Socials (7): Mental (8) :
Quick OOO Genial O Alert OO
Dexterous OO Gorgeous OO Disciplined OO
Energetic O Witty O Insightful OO
Tenacious OO Intimidating OOO Knowledgeable
Robust OO

Abilities: Disciplines: Blood pool:
Dodge OOO Fortitude OOO
Firearms OOO
Athletics OOO Merits : Flaws:
Survival OOO Media Ties Stubborn
Investigations OO Corporate Ties Mute
Blind fighting OO
Medicine OO
Security OO
Stealth OO
Sabbat Lore
Ghoul Lore

Negative Traits (5):
Condescending OO
Untrustworthy OO
Callous O