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03-29-2010, 03:46 PM

Hi. I DM a campaign that's been running on OpenRPG (http://www.openrpg.com) for the past six and a half years. Games are held on Saturday evenings, from 9 pm EST to 3 am EST. That's GMT -5 if you happen to live in the United Kingdom, or from 6 pm to 12 midnight if you live on the West Coast.

About the campaign

There are a couple of openings. Characters are currently 8th level. Roster is: human thief, human wizard, human fighter, elven fighter, dwarven cleric/thief. While I don't ask people to play classes according to group needs, the party could really use a full-time cleric, a paladin, a bard or a druid.

We use 2nd edition AD&D rules. Although experienced players are a plus, newbies to 2nd edition AD&D are welcome (and in fact, preferred, because they're usually easier to introduce). Most of the players in the group have an abundance of experience with previous editions, so you won't be overwhelmed if you should happen to join -- we will teach you.


A few things that you'll probably want to know up front:

1. This is an RP-centric campaign. Combat does happen but it's not uncommon for a session to be held with little or no combat to occur. If you're the kind of player who likes to bash heads on a regular basis, this won't be the game for you.

2. We don't use Skype or Ventrilo. Everything is text-based. A log of the session is saved for future reference -- which is useful, especially given that the campaign has been running for several years now. Trust me, when your memory becomes like Swiss cheese, having the details in front of you is a very good thing.

3. As the DM, I really value reliable players. You don't have to be the most experienced player (rules-wise) nor do you have to be the most creative. If you can consistently show up on time every session, you're already ahead by that much because I know I can count on you.

What has gone before

The party recently finished a short adventure, having witnessed the crash of a "flying ship", investigated it and discovered an unusual creature imprisoned in the cargo hold -- kind of like a cross between a wolf spider and a moray eel. They freed it, healed it a little bit, and left it some rations for its eventual return to the wilds of etherspace. (Something tells me they'll regret this ... but that's a story for the far far future.)

Last session, they stumbled onto the scene of the aftermath of a brief battle that took place between a party of dwarves and some larger-than-normal orcs. Rifling through the fallen dwarves' belongings, the thief activated a magical item that teleported the entire party into the midst of an underground dwarven ruin. The PCs' goal is to explore their immediate surroundings while hopefully trying to find their way out and back to the surface.

In any event, this is the perfect opportunity for a new player character to get introduced.

About the game setting

The game takes place in a homebrew setting called Andurin (http://wiki.andurin.com). It tends towards a "low-magic" feel overall, which means that while wizards and dragons exist, magicka isn't as commonplace as your typical high-magic setting like Faerūn or Greyhawk. The world combines elements from Conan/Thieves' World, the Elder Scrolls games from Bethesda Softworks, the Ultima games from Origin Systems, the Wheel of Time novels and Celtic myths, to name a few influences. When the characters are witness to unusual events (like the "flying ship") or powerful magicka, it's explained as a phenomenon that's not native to Andurin or it's a holdover from Andurin's storied past.

About the campaign in general

In one sentence or less, it's an "epic-quest-to-save-the-world kind of campaign". It has a fairly convoluted main plotline with five or six subplots. Sometimes I feel like I need Cliffnotes just to get all the characters straight. :) I think it's a strength rather than a weakness. Veterans of classic 1st edition AD&D might recognize one or two of the main NPCs. (mysterious DM grin)

If you're interested...

If this sort of thing appeals to you and you'd like to know more details, or if you want to lurk for a session, send an e-mail to me at SobaAddict70 at gmail dot com. Please put "Andurin -- Saturday game" in the subject line so it doesn't end up in my spam folder.



04-01-2010, 09:35 AM
One of the slots has been filled. Still recruiting.

04-04-2010, 10:56 AM
The positions have been filled.

Thanks to all who replied. If an opening appears in the future, I'll create a new thread.