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03-28-2010, 12:29 PM
I need 1 to 3 new Player/PC for My campaign Temple OF elemental Evil in greyhawk, 2 players had to leave for IRL issues. Everyone is a mix of 2nd or 3rd lvl.

NEw PC will be lvl 2

Game sessions are every other Friday next session is 04/23/2010 we start at 9pm Est and go till 2 am Est. in the past we ran later however Iím capping the session at 3am at the latest with 2am as a target end.

I also run a Undermountain campaign on the opposite Friday night teh party there has requested 2 new players also. NEw PC's there will be 3 or 4th lvl

Aviable Races are
Dark elf posssiable however youíll have to hide your self drow are basically kill on sight in this area.
Half elf
Half orc these make great warriors
if you really realyl sweat talk me i might allow an Good alined Orc,gnoll,flind,Goblin,Hobgoblin or kobold.

Current party:

Elf Caviler
Elf Cavalier
Dwarf cleric
Human Fighter/Thief "archer" NPC
ELf cleric
Elf Mage

Books: however you don't NEED any of thease all u need is your self

Player's Handbook 1st edtn TSR 2010A
Player's Handbook 2nd edition TSR 2159
Unearthed Arcana 1st ed, TSR 2017
Dungeon Master Guide 1st edition TSR 2011A
Dungeon Master Guide 2nd edition TSR 2160
GreyHawk Adventures tsr02023
GreyHawk Folio tsr09025

We will be using OpenRPG and Skype for voice chat for these games.
For some information on my ToEE campaign see this link, note you must r egister for the forums to read these post.
http://s9.zetaboards.com/Mayhem_Gaming/forum/47905/ (http://s9.zetaboards.com/Mayhem_Gaming/forum/47905/)

http://z9.invisionfree.com/Mayhem_Ga...?showforum=387 (http://z9.invisionfree.com/Mayhem_Gaming/index.php?showforum=387)

e-mail allneal1@netscape.net (allneal1@netscape.net)
skype allneal1 Brighton Michigan
http://www.skype.com (http://www.skype.com/)


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I don't recommend joining his campaigns. Lareth is one of the worst DMs I've ever seen, constantly penalizing players for his own mistakes.

05-08-2010, 12:26 PM
Player is better suited in a non-adult campaign, where the players are NOT responsible for their own actions.

PM me for more details

05-08-2010, 01:18 PM
Very funny, Lareth. However, I was taking responsibility for *my* actions. You're the one who didn't bother keeping track of what was going on and didn't give me a chance to take my action. As soon as the others had finished their actions, you jumped to the next round without giving me a chance to take my action, and it would've been very simple to retcon and allow my attack since nothing else had happened, but instead you were a complete jerk who just chose to ignore me and refused to admit to your own mistakes. A good DM never penalizes the players for his own mistakes. You are not a good DM.

And your game is hardly "adult." You are the least mature individual in the whole group, booting someone for asking you to own up to your own mistake. Way to go, dick.

And if you want to tell others to take responsibility for their own actions, try taking responsibility for yours. As I said, I was in the process of making my action when you jumped instantly to the next round of combat without bothering to pay attention to whether or not everyone had gone.

Of course, maybe if you used a system that wasn't so shitty, you'd be able to keep track of what's going on in your own game. Then again, maybe the system's irrelevant in your case, seeing as how you lost track in the previous session as well, missing every single thing my character did for around 3 hours of gameplay and had to go back and retcon it in (which you did a lousy job of) when I finally managed to get you to realize you'd missed everything I had said.