View Full Version : Ahu OH! Get Conan and a part of Bethesda ,two parts of D&d , then you must be only a good mixer

03-24-2010, 02:15 PM
Talimin banana to you all readers!!! This is Three-dogs.... Forget it:lol:I've never been in messenger for more than two minutes so forget my stupid smile uses:biggrin:.
I do regard the writing of many books as good fantasy settings, you react to these worlds in different ways and the game become better ... Good masters of the wizard group counsel not focusing on a single player:mad:....Still too many times you stay with no hero then... The Alucard from castlevania (symphony of the night) wears sunglasses and carries more katanas than the lajangs Atlas(goldrake)had on his shoulders....where are the vampire hunters? Literally forgotten...this was good for he was a very good char.yet we were talking another matter... The gladiator descends the blood sprayed arena(thanks dear Oblivion of mine),,, suggest the d.m. to take a group arena combat instead of a single combat encounter(thanks dragon i dont remember the number gladiator finesses).I found the difference on Square enix games... Final fantasy 7 uses a single combat arena while nowaday games like kingdom hearts encourages more and more group combats in arenas....(yes i like arenas)....
Conan's books ,the allfather 's works, give a good pace to your game, and secondary players should be well painted, but they disappear or die very easily .. I'll continue later