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03-21-2010, 04:06 PM
I just got the new Geist: the Sin-Eaters book, and so far am liking what am seeing.

The major problem ive come up with is am confused on there Damage prevention ability(See systems)

It says it can prevent 1 DMG(Any type, weather Agro or Lethal) with 1 Plasm, Converting it to bashing(/) DMG, that you take at the end of the scene, Mark each Box with a Dot and when you take new DMG, DMG that was not blocked with this power, then they overlap each other, Turning a Dot into the DMG mark.

You can only have as many dots as HP Boxes.

Now am confused on what this looks like, I think its something like this, but I want to double check with you guys and gals before putting it into play.

Bill The Werewolf and Tom the Sin-Eater are Fighting, Bill Smacks tom, Dealing 5 Lethal(X) DMG, Tom, with Psyche 5 can just barley absorb the DMG, adding 5 Dots(=) to his Health Track as so:

Tom Hp MAX is 10

After Tom Attacks Bill, Bill attacks again, this time Dealing 6 Lethal(X) DMG, Tom can only block 5 of the DMG, even if he had more psyche, he would be at his max hp(10) with just five more dots(=) so Tom would have all his HP full of Dots(=), and then 1 of the dots(=) would be replaced with a Lethal DMG X, as so:

Tom Hp MAX is 10

After Toms turn Bill attacks, Dealing 3 Lethal DMG,(heres th big part were I get Confused) Tom could block 1 of the DMG(Because he has a X in that slot, not a Dot) but not the other 2, Changing Toms Hp track into this:

Tom Hp MAX is 10

Now do I have this right? or am I totally wrong or did I miss a fact here or there?

thanks to all who reply!!

PS: anything else you want to say about the new book?

03-21-2010, 05:55 PM
Yes you are correct mostly, its not that he cant block all 3 of the lethal its that it converts to bashing but the damage track is full so any bashing over your max converts back to lethal. Its much clearer if the attacker was doing agro because it would convert down to bashing and then up to lethal for being over max HP but not back into ag.

03-21-2010, 07:34 PM
So pretty much this ability is to lower any DMG down to Bashing? its great VS a mages Agro DMG lightning bolt, but sucks if your fighting a Buff STR 8 Kindred Boxer, who just masses large amounts of Bashing DMG?

PS thanks for the speedy replies!