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03-20-2010, 10:11 AM
I really like this book and since it came out i have probably had half a dozen PCs come out of it, they have made interesting characters but they have all had the same problem, the proverbial "glass jaw". They don't have the same hit points/BAB/saves/skills as their more standard counterparts. One idea i am thinking of trying, they get full progression in Hit Dice along with everything that goes with it. As an example the 14th level air elemental that only gets 7 hd would now get 14 hd, proportionate saves and chance to hit; will be more powerful than an ordinary large air elemental but (hopefully) just as powerful as his companions.

Constructive criticism is as always welcome.

03-23-2010, 01:58 PM
You have to remember that the savage species does get a few advantages--such as type. An air elemental does gain the outsider type, rending it effectively immune to certain spells and effects (such as charm person). As an elemental it is immune to poison, sleep, paralyze, stunning and not subject to critical hits. It need not eat or sleep. The BAB is low but it gets a +14 to Dex with weapon finesse. It definitely is not a front line fighter. Instead it is stealth scout that can fly.

I don't know about allowing the increase of hit points. A 8HD elemental of 14th level will have the more max hit points than a 14th d4 class (unless the d4 class has an outrageous con modifier). You just have to treat the class differently. Though compared to a 14th level wizard, it stands no chance.

03-23-2010, 02:19 PM
another thing is to make everybody about the same with respect to HD (try and keep all of the PC's as monsters with similar HD)

03-30-2010, 12:11 AM
the adjustments in the savage species were an attempt to equate the monster abilities and levels with character levels. some of the problems are that in the first place monster levels simply don't grant as much benefit as character/class levels, with a few possible exceptions... (outsider levels, dragon levels). plus they insisted on equating hd with a character level, likely because a character gains at least one hd per level, despite the fact that monsters just don't get as much per level. then there are the weird abilities. originally, they didn't want to give players the ability to make wishes, or 10 free actions per round. though that got eroded by later supplements anyway.

i think that perhaps a better solution is to fix the types, and what abilities they get and at what levels, then tackle the weird abilities on a case-by-case for assigning a level-equivalent. nailing down some sort of aging / level equivalency wouldn't hurt either. it doesn't have to be perfect or even closely accurate... this is d&d after all. ^^

just some thoughts.