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03-19-2010, 11:51 PM
I am entertaining the idea of starting a D&D campaign run from my home either bi-weekly or if its good weekly. I have not played table top D&D in over 10 years but have been playing and DMing on a computer RPG called Neverwinter Nights which uses the D&D 3.5 rule set.

I am actually not all that keen on using the 4th. E D&D very much at all. 3.5 or perhaps even the Path Finder rule set would be used (though to be honest I would love to use 2 ed. rules as that was the game of my youth:) I would also wish to use some house rules to stream line play. I am not all that interested in the technical aspects and miniatures based combat. I like PCs to be PCs and NOT builds.

I would DM and could use F.R. setting for the most part but not strictly cannon as I cannot and do not wish to spend a lot of coin on the hard back books though I can find much in PDF form for free:)

I am just kicking this idea around at the moment and would be open to week night or end for game night, whichever would be best for those interested. I am open to suggestions about rules, setting and various other minutia. I am not locked into much so far so let me know if your looking to form a group. I do not intend to run a strict rules game as my basis in doing this is and will forever be to have fun.

If you are interested respond here or send me a tell. Latter on we can get together for a coffee night to discuss the game and get to know if we would be a fit schedule wise and other :)

Until that time be well, Muvs32
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I really want to add some things about my possible campaign that I should have noted in the first place.
I can and will probably use Fearun and the F.Realms mythos for my game. I would like to keep the magic levels limited, I.E. PC mages will be highly valued for their abilities as well as feared and held in awe by the general masses they will have a high station in society. Any PC class will be distinctive as opposed to the general populous. Not to say the party will not meet comparably powered NPCs throughout the lands but they will be revered, feared, worshiped, wondered about and on and on.

The magic items in the campaign would not be too numerous. There might be a good deal of +1 items but those would be master work and not magically enchanted. Magic will be expensive and dangerous and rare. This I have always felt made for a grander feeling of accomplishment when a fine magic item is obtained by players. On the DM side it has helped me in past to keep the playing field balanced. Magic will be limited and powerful not just with items but in a whole sense, this being my preference and could be talked over but I do like a low magic realm.

The "Forgotten Realms" of my minds eye would be a bit less "fantastic" then some of the F.R. novels and supplements ( The Ed Greenwood flying shields are out :rolleyes: NO shields of flight IMHO it makes for a cheezy game) I would beef up regular folk and have to scale back some of the more outlandish and excessive magics of the realms. As I stated this is more for balance issues. I am a huge fan of Robert E. Howard (Conan's creator) and would like to tailor much of the campaign on his influences such as the lower magic level and not having to be uber powerful and have magical this and that in order to be successful as a player and have a fine and prosperous character too. I enjoy the use of tactics and out side the box forms of meeting challenges. I do not wish the magic users in a potential group to so far overshadow the melee types as to make them useless and un-enjoyable to play. I remember being involved in games where not one PC was a magic user or cleric (fighter/thieves group) and it was a blast so it is possible :)

I am mostly inspired by the Gary Gygax philosophy: the game is/should be about enjoying the company of others and creating an entertaining time for each other in a shared interest. Rules are second to having a good time playing the game with your fellows. This is not a quote :lol: but I think most of you probably know that. Anyways:

I am open to suggestions from those who might want to begin a group. I have not played table top in a while but am enthusiastic. I would love the input of others and wish to work with the group in order to shape the campaign. These are my preferences but I am not so adamant about them (well some are must perhaps) that I won't take criticism and advice/suggestions!!! Please feel free to inquire about game and give your take with enjoyment for the group in mind.