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03-18-2010, 12:24 AM
Greetings all.

So I'm putting together a Pathfinder group for Saturdays starting at 7-8 Pm EST.

Using Maptools and Skype. Using Voice is not an option, though you don't have to use if you can make a legitimate excuse and can type fast you must still be able to LISTEN.
Using a custom setting, I'll send out more info so any who contacts me, but to get started It's a small peninsula like continent that's been cut off from the rest of the world. Every person who has tried to leave has never been seen again. There's several nations and each takes inspiration from real life cultures, and several books.

Falean – The River Kingdom –
Falean, once under the rule of the empire of Curea, won its independence some 50 years ago and has some to some understanding with Curea. Ruled by King Sor Norat, the nation of Falean is composed of most all the intelligent races, though they are mostly humans. The Nation is made of of river land, there are a couple swamps and it’s a wet land.

Curea – Desert Rose –
Once a Powerful Empire now merely a nation rules by their Emperor, Though he holds that name more out of tradition than anything. Most of the Southern World hates Curea since most where to recently under their rule. The Nation itself is most Deserts with Oasis. It’s Capital, Curan, is on the southern sea.

Lys’Ryn – Religious Mecca –
Lys’Ryn is home to the Great Temples to all the good Gods. The Great city of Lys’ryn is said to be made of crystal glass and a gift from the gods themselves.

Dun’Katol’Mor – Dwarven Mountains –
The Dwarven Mountains are the only southern Nation to never have been under the control of Curea. Inhabited by the Dwarves few outsiders are allowed. Gnomes are allowed to take up residence in some areas, but otherwise the Dwarves let only traders, and a Honored few into their Mountain Halls.

Lomren – Nation of the Sword –
Lomren is a strange country in most eyes. While most Nations are untied, the Lomren are loosely divided Clans, Though alliances are held to join should war be declared. Each is led by their own Horselord. They borrow a lot of inspiration from A Combination of Mongol and Feudal Japan Culture(Heavily inspired by the Dothraki from Song of Ice and Fire).

El’rin – Kingdom of Thieves –
El’rin is a long corrupt kingdom run by the underground Organization known as the Rin’Tag. The king is merely a position that allows them to operate without the worries of running the country in truth.

Norea – The Loose Warrior Country –
Norea is a loose alliance of The Norse Tribes. As you’d imagine from the name, the main inspiration for this nation’s Culture is the Norse Vikings. Norea’s only reason for why they haven’t conquers the rest of the world is simple…They fight too much among themselves. This also include the Goblin and Orc tribes which are based off of Warhammer Greenskins/Orks.

El’bak’tin – Elven Wilds -
This is pretty self explanatory.

The Fringes –
Few venture to the Fringes. No idea what’s beyond.

As well I'm sticking to gods that have material however since I first created this Setting with 4e in mind I don't have a new list for this version at the time of writing this, but just go with the Standard Pantheon.

----Character Creation-----
You're each starting at level 3, you can use any Official Pathfinder class and you are free to run anything by me if you want something Homebrew(more on that in the nest paragraph).You're starting with standard rolled gold + 100.

Feats are subject to homebrew-ability and generally I have a rule. If you want something homebrew, just ask me, I'll make sure it's balanced and generally allow it. This is a game of your imagination as much as my own. I feel that you should get that kind of say in your character. This includes Races as well, though I'm much more picky about races and I will turn you down if I don't like how it fits.

----Wrapping up----
If you're interested you can contact me though skype with "Death.Wray" or email me as XenoZiden[at]gmail[dot]com
At the time of posting I'm looking for 2-3 players.

PS. If I left anything out feel free to yell at me.
PSS. Sorry for any grammatical errors of my part as I am extremely sick and tired at the time of writing this but it's the best I've felt all week so I force myself to get this done.

EDIT: In my first post I said it was Fridays; when it is, in fact, a Saturday game. I've fixed this and I am sorry for the mix-up.

03-18-2010, 12:31 PM
I'm in.
Playing an Astromancer, homebrew class.
Looking forward to this.