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03-15-2010, 02:20 AM
Opening Monologue:

In the beginning, long after the war between the Creator and the Betrayer, there was Paradise. It spoke to its people in dreams, and they flocked to it like Moths to a Flame. There was Magic then. Nobility. And horrible Arrogance.

But thanks to Human Pride, Paradise was Lost. The Exarchs and the Prophets waged their little war, and their not so little diamond city came crashing over them.

Magic was forgotten, but it is not lost. While many sleep with the Lie that magic is just a fairy tale, many are Awake with the truth that magic is more real than anything that they have ever known, and it is their Human given right to take it for themselves.

Even after that False Star erupted over Trinity, as Gods and Devils dress as Men and guide the fooled towards their ultimate goal of domination, there is still Magic and Wonder and unimaginable Cruelty left in the world.

Welcome to Mage. Let’s get started.

“You must of have heard of them by now. The Mages of Earth. Through deeds of their own, they were thrust into the Planes. They sought their destinies that were hidden beneath layers of amnesia. They searched for the truth of their lives.

They got it, more ways than one.

But now, I am getting ahead of myself. I am the barkeep of this “Tavern of Forgotten Dreams”. Many times that a tale was told here, amongst friends and lovers of the drink. We were the first to spin the tale of the Nameless One, many a years ago. Of course, the artifacts that contained that tale have been long lost to time.

Lucky for you, the items that make up this tale, are not lost. The first is in the possession of our dear Himeliain, a bard of divine origin. A deva in fact.
So, my dear guest, do take a seat. We have various forms of beverages, from wine that was extracted from grape vines in Arcadia to many other forms of alcohol.

Sit down. Relax. You’ll be glad that you did.”

A Parliament of Rooks is an epic campaign for the White Wolf RPG Mage: The Awakening. It is designed as epic in feel – the stakes are high. The GM does not believe in that epic is limited to facing off against massive dragons, killing power hungry sorcerers and saving the world. The type of epic that strikes his fancy is the personal epic, when everything that the PC’s do is to save their own skin. He likes the personal stories.

The game will hopefully be starting in the coming weeks. It currently has 3 players, looking for 1 more.

The players play as Mages, all of whom had lost their memories 4 years ago, in 2006. Fate has brought all of them to Boston, and here they seek the truth of the matter. Where that truth will take them is something bigger than any of them could of have had anticipated.