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02-16-2007, 02:48 AM
Hey everyone,
Well, I'm new to this site, but not new to role playing. I'm 24 and I have been playing every RPG I could get my hands on since middle school. I love gaming. It's probably the biggest part of my life. My relationship with my friends is focused on gaming (all kinds) it's just what we have always done. My wife also games too.

I don't just play, I develop and test. My true passion is GMing really. I love to create story to hold my friends imaginations captive. My favorite genre is horror (any kind) and Sci-fi. I often mix them together. Not much else to tell. Like the site, hope to get some good conversation here.

02-16-2007, 02:53 AM
Welcome! Make yourself at home :) What kind of designing do you do?

02-17-2007, 01:28 AM
Well different things really....
In Pen and Paper style I am currently getting a project of the ground under the D20 Open License called the RPGX System - It's loosely based on the D20 system, but is set up to spend XP rather than to level. It allows for more dynamic character building. I haven't actually tested it with any WotC games yet, but it works amazingly well wit some original settings that I have made and am currently working on getting published after the Core Rules modification is finished.

My team and I are also working on a deck master compatible game that is a spoof off Magic called Celebrity:The Awards. It's quite funny.

In video gaming, I have made quite a few mods for several different FPS style games. Mostly Unreal and Unreal2k4. In addition to that I am a web developer and graphic artist/animator.

I also have background in multimedia production (independent films/ animated features.) I am actually coming out of a hard fall from this industry having a producer actually cripple me financially by copyright stealing. (long story) I also am a musician, not a good one, but I have above average skill at studio recording, which is strangely helpful in the oddest of situations.

It's hard to nail. I have allot of interests and skills.

If your really interested in any of this you should check out my site -
www.rpgx.org (http://www.rpgx.org), it's still growing so be kind. If you want, I would be happy to put a banner up for you.