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03-13-2010, 09:28 AM
Answer the call of the FORCE!!!

Im looking to start a Star Wars SAGA edition game. The setting will be the New Republic Era not long after Return of the Jedi. With pockets of the old Empire still trying to rebuild, a new Jedi Order must be established. Yet at the same time the Sith look to rebuild their own forces.

I talked to the local game store, The Dragons Den and they said I could run the game there on Tuesday nights. Im looking to start sometime after 5 and game till they boot us usually around 9:45. I play Pathfinder there and its a surprising good place for gaming.

The game will feature a lot of high adventure, RP and character development. If your unfamiliar with the rules but have played d20 games before you'll find this a very easy and elegant system.

I have at least one player already also in his 30 but all ages should feel welcome to join and play. If interested feel free to post here or drop me a line. My email is: trexnco a) yahoo com.