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03-13-2010, 01:19 AM
In the three years since Randal Morn's rebellion ousted the region's Zhentish masters, life in Dagger Falls has been rough. Over decades of neglect, the mines of the western mountains have been overrun by savage monsters, and the farmlands that once blanketed the Dagger Hills have been seized by the rampant forces of nature, and turned again into untamed and dangerous wild-lands. To make matters worse, the vengeance of Zhentil Keep threatens to bear down on the rebels at any time. It is a troubled era.

But in the midst of these dark days, an artifact of great and ancient power is unearthed from the annals of history, and a single false step could turn the power balance of the land on its head. A group of adventurers comes face to face with bloodthirsty mercenaries, ambitious wizards, covetous dragons, and a long-forgotten threat which has lain dormant for more than a millennium. With the key to godhood in human hands again, will it be the noble that prevail... or the wicked?

This Campaign begins in Daggerdale, in the capital city of Dagger Falls. Rule set is Pathfinder.

Dagger Falls is a medium sized town, with an even distribution of races. All sorts of goods can be found here, or in the nearby district of Shadowdale.

Players will begin at Level 3.

Players have 3,000gp worth of starting equipment, no one piece of which can be worth more than 1,100gp.

Ability Scores- Abilities will be generated via point buy. All scores start at 10, and players will draw from a pool of 20 points. The higher a score goes, the more it costs to improve. No score may go beyond 18 or below 7 without racial adjustment. The adjustment to your spending pool from each score is as follows:

7 +4
8 +2
9 +1
10 +0
11 -1
12 -2
13 -3
14 -5
15 -7
16 -10
17 -13
18 -17

IMPORTANT: Sessions will be on Fridays in the Evening, 8pm Arizona Time. (AKA Saturday 3am GMT) This is still somewhat negotiable as far as the exact time, but not the day. If you can't do Friday Evenings, please don't apply.

So Far, we have 2 Characters.

Juranaan Kestelimand- Male Halfling Ranger2/Sorcerer1
Delaeney- Female Human Monk3
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Recruiting is temporarily closed for this campaign. If that changes, I will post again.