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03-10-2010, 03:53 PM
Annoyingly, the Arcane Prodigy multi-class feat seems to be missing clarity. The Pact Initiate feat is correct within the character generator and allows you to go back to your class and choose the pact type to get your power. But, the sorcerer one doesnt which is bad wrong.

How can I tell the thing if I am a Wild or a Dragon style sorcerer?

If I am dragon style i get all the nifty str benefits.

Is this multi-classing or not? The sorc feat is clearly worthless without that distinction. Wotc really needs to go back and make these feats all similarly worth it. Some dont have skills, some are just horrible benefits and then others are gapingly big.

03-10-2010, 04:40 PM
The feat only gives you training in arcane, ability to use sorcery implements, and a encounter power to gain +2 to damage on next roll. It does not make a distinction on your sorcerer type nor do you get those benefits.

If you want to be able to add your str mod you need the feat Sorcerous Power which requires you be at the paragon level.

You have to choose a pact for the warlock because you gain the pact at will power as an encounter power.

It may not seem like Arcane Prodigy is very useful, but remember that the +2 damage can be to apply to any damage-arcane, melee, range etc.

03-10-2010, 11:56 PM
Cool ty for your replies in both threads. D&D has always driven me crazy with its vague rules wording and lackluster design in most cases.

The Arcane Prodigy feat is an example of a feat that just doesnt stack up vs it peers. I mean +2 to any and all damage once per encounter is supposed to compare with weapon focus +1 for light blades that adds to every dagger attack including those that use sorcerous blade channelling? It not even in the latter feat's league. It's a joke. A waste of the paper they wrote it on. So naturally, I try to glean what it is I must be missing that would make that feat worthy thinking perhaps I am the one who made the mistake. Then I run across dragon and wild and go hey it could be that's it. That suddenly makes sense. Then I see they dont let you pick and I am confused, hence the post.

I think if I was going to run this game Id have to go back and play balance all the feats better than wotc did because they flat ruin some interesting niches with their terrible feat design. I mean hell if your going to multi-class and that's really what it means then let the class you divide into give 1 at-will power of the player's choice kindof like being a half-elf. That brings so many more concepts into the realm of possibility.