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Arcology n. (plural: Arcologies, slang: Arco)
1.) Urban development theory involving three-dimensional building methods and efficient use of space and resources which preserves more of the natural environment.
2.) A concept combining architecture and ecology as envisioned by Paolo Soleri.
3.) An extremely large self-contained habitat or settlement (megastructure), having industrial, commercial, and residential spaces sufficient to maintain an internal ecology and economy as well as an extremely high population density often exceeding one million residents.

Alternate Timeline: 2010 was a very bad year; NATO and the Warsaw Pact finally pushed the nuclear button that the world had been dreading for sixty years. The aftermath of World War III was not quite the ravaged hellscape that Hollywood favored but it was bad enough. Eighty percent of the world's major population centers destroyed, mass famine and pestilence, and a near complete loss of central governmental control. Only the fruits of the heated space race between East and West that lie beyond earthly reach were left untouched.

Now the year is 2143 and while the Earth's population is still recovering from the "last great war," the reformed United Nations is a world government in all but name. While the member nations have local autonomy, international law, commerce, and military actions are all tightly controlled by the UN who's reach extends to the colonies in orbit, on the moon, and beyond. While the earthly yoke of UN control is light, the colonies chafe under it bitterly and there are rumors of rebellion.

Closer to home, the Carolina-1 Megastructure, an arcology built south of Wilmington North Carolina, is one of the oldest and most decrepit city structures in the United States and Level 14, Sector B, Corridor Green-62 is one of the worst neighborhoods there. Life in the "Ant Hill" has never been easy but with punks from Corridor Red-60 moving in on your turf, things are going to get a lot rougher.

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For those of you who played in the Russian Invasion campaign, this is the same universe as that just much further into the future. The campaign will start out inside an Arcology which is a large single structure city in North Carolina. The arco is officially called the "Carolina-1 Megastructure" but those that live in it call it the "Ant Hill", or sometimes just "The Hill." The characters will start out as teenagers who live in the same housing ward, "Level 14, Sector B, Corridor Green-62."

The campaign as it progresses will expand beyond the arco and indeed beyond the confies of the Earth. The arco portion of the campaign will is intended to do three main things:

1.) Provide a reason for your characters to be together.
2.) Provide a limited area in which to teach the rules. (Or reacquaint those who played the Russian Invasion game with the rules and point out the new changes.)
3.) Finally, since this is a home brew game setting, there are no source books to read. In the Russian Invasion game you were interacting in a world that was essentially that of modern America with only a few changes. Since this is a far future campaign the limited area of the arco and the inexperience inherent to teen aged characters gives me time and a place to fill you all in on the world and how it works.

If you want to get into the mood of the game consider these resources: (I'll fill in more as I think of them.)

Genre: Cyberpunk/Science Fiction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk)
Movies: Blade Runner (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade_Runner)
Books: Neuromancer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuromancer)
Anime: Ghost in the Shell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_(film (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell_%28film)))
Arcology: A cross between a pyramid and a hunders story tall office building. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcology) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shimizu_Mega-City_Pyramid)
Orbital Colonies: O'Neill cylinders (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_High_Frontier) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island_Three)

Some more basic overview of the setting:
Earth has finally recovered ecologically from WWIII but while the Earth may still be the seat of the UN government and the population center of the solar system, it is no longer the most prosperous location. The lunar colonies and the orbital habs around the Earth produce most of the solar system's GDP. The first arco to be built was Carolina-1 which is where the characters start out. Imagine it as a huge mall with a bunch of residential apartment complexes tacked on to it. There are a number of light industrial factories in and around the arco and further out the arco is surrounded by farm crops. The Carolina-1 arco is the oldest and most decrepit arco around and it is filled with mostly under-educated and low-income people, some 1.2 million of them. As time goes on the best and the brightest emigrated to space and for those remaining on Earth, as each new arco is built the most skilled and motivated people moved out of the older arcos and into the newly built ones. Lack of education leads to poverty and poverty leads to crime. Carolina-1 is like the worst inner city you can immagine.

Technology: Infantry weapons are essentially the same as they are today with the exception that they tend to be more powerful and have more electronic doodads on them. Missiles tend to be the anti-armor weapon of choice and some ground vehicles (like tanks) may have electromagnetic weapons such as rail guns. The power requirements for these tyles of weapons still limit them to vehicle mounts. There are space ships and they travel throughout the solar system there are colonies out to Neptune and beyond. About 20 years ago they developed a method of FTL travel that has allowed some ships properly equipped to leave the solar system, but colonization beyond the solar system is still in its infancy. There is no artificial-gravity or fusion power and most space ships have fission powerplants and ion drives for propulsion. Fighters and missiles will use chemical drives (rockets) but while they produce impressive thrust they are of strictly limited range. Also while lasers may not be a weapon often used on a planetary surface, they are quite common on space ships and are used as point defense weapons.

Once you come up with a basic idea of what you want your character to be as a teenager (which should be fairly easy since there's not much to come up with) you'll also want to think of what you want your character to be once we move on past the arco portion of the campaign. (Note weapons are strictly limited within the arco, knives and clubs are about the extent of available weapons.) You'll be able to keep all the character points you get during the first part to spend on things you want your character to have in the second part. Some examples you might want to consider would be: Hacker/Console Cowboy, Cyborg Soldier, Mobile Infantry (they use armored powered suits and infantry weapons), Armored Cavalry Pilot (they pilot small armored robots usually less than 3 meters tall as anti-tank units), Starship Captain, Engineer, Doctor, etc... Discuss this amongst yourselves so you can have your bases covered. Remember, JARPS is a high mortality game (more so now with some rules changes we'll go over) so at least one person will need to be an expert in medicine and most characters should have some skill in medicine.

The reason that I need you to come up with a concept for your character in the second part of the game is so that I can focus my efforts on producing character options suited to what you all want to play rather than just guessing and making a smattering of everything, so think about it and let me know.

Note: Character options and equipment sections are coming soon.

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Character Options document #1. Will create another one later once I have an idea what you all want to play.

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Friday March 19 = Deadline to provide to me your character information in this thread. I need to know what you want your character to be in their teens as well as when an adult so I can focus on creating stuff for that.

Sunday April 4 = We will meet at Heroes and Dragons to create characters.

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Greetings all,

Ideally the character I had in mind is a surveillance, electronics with some covert combat skills. As the child of a single mother who ended up turning to drugs and prostitution to put food on the table, Matthew Stevenson, never had it even a little well off. Wearing hand-me-downs to school and being the nerdy kid getting good grades in school was the way to a beating for Matthew. Knowing that he couldn't physically defend himself he turned to next most accessible thing he could get his hands on, the electronics around school.

Soon Matthew became the expert around Level 14, Sector B, Corridor Green-62 for hacking electronics and surveillance equipment. At the age of 14 during a random act of violence from the punks from Corridor Red-60 attacked Matthew's block seriously injuring his mother and others. With no where left to Matthew was forced to turn to the gangs to protect himself. Trading his knowledge of electronics and surveillance gangs taught him how to defend himself through stealth and his intellect rather than through brute force.

Two years later at the age of 16 Matthew is part of one specific gang (enter gang name here) attempting to get an organised group together to fight back.

If this is too much, just let me know but that's the basics of the background.

Electronics/surveillance expert, some covert combat expertise (including training in first aid) sums up the skillset.

Thanks again,

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I am a total scrounge...and I like it.
I am the undisputed founder of the B-62s
(the Greeeeen machine)
You can be a "G" or a victum.
You can Jump in, Sex in, Tech in, or Buy in.
You get a green "Rag" and a new family
I will coordinate your skills with the other "G"s
and we will all prosper.
The Suits, the soldiers ...cops ...everybody will be coming to us for
girls ,gambling and ..."other distractions"
I used to do volunteer work...so I could "scrounge" things I use to survive
...OK I got good at it.

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Here are some more character options. Remember the game starts this Sunday.

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Ok, Ok, so I'm a little late in my response. What do you expect from the dumb muscle of the gang? Or at least that's the way everyone perceives me. And that's the way I like it. I'm a big bruiser, but I've got the face of Jethro Clampett, if anyone in this godforsaken hill remembers who that is anymore. I grew up tough. I learned to fight on the "streets", and I got good. Now I'm the right hand man of our fearless leader. I'm the persuader. The guy who can "get things done". On the outside, I like everyone thinking I'm just a big, dumb, brute. But the boss knows the truth. I'm a thinker. A deep thinker. I'm smart, and I'm also smart enough to let everyone keep thinking I'm a dolt. I just take it all in and keep my eyes and ears open. The boss know who to turn to when he needs a consultation.

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As a reminder, the game resumes April 11. (Taking a break for Easter.)

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Here's what you do when your dice do not behave: