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03-05-2010, 05:39 PM


Green Dragon Adventures is a web based storytelling game where everyone can collaborate ideas into a epic world full of fantasy. Create your adventurer today and start enjoying the many threads this game has to offer.

"Where'd I go just then? Well, I'd just saved a group of wood elves from a nasty hill giant, visited a orc camp and chopped off the head of a chieftain, ran from a dragon because I stole its treasure, climbed the highest mountain to find a ancient tower and bested the wizard, and took me home the lady in distress to serve me roasted meat on the bone. Not bad for a days worth of work. Ahhh... and me ale's still fizzy."

- Kort Smashhammer, Barbarian of the Kort Tribe

Come Join us at www.greendragonadventures.com/ (http://www.greendragonadventures.com/)

Choose from over 20 races and classes and start storytelling today!