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This campaign is about the video game saga : The legend of zelda and its most epic game : the ocarina of time. it will be online on the chat on any evening that you guys will choose. the system is basicly BEsm d20 but since not many are familiar with it I'll change it to d&d 3.5. This is homemade btw. so if you are interested and you can't wait to play as a goron or as a Zora well this is the game for you.

JOIN: http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/group.php?groupid=260

Here's the race you can chooe for your character :

Deku : Cost: -1
+2 Dex
-1 Str
-1 Con
Immune to magic
Size: Small
Canít Swim
Fire damage x 2
Alignement : Any good
Class : Any except barbarian,monk,paladin, martial artist & samurai
Favored class: Wizard,Sorcerer & Cleric
God : Farore

Gerudo: Cost : 2
Can't use magic (except men)
+ 2 Dex
+2 Save vs. Fear
+ 2 seduction throws (Male: Intimadation)
+ 1 skill point each level
99% female
Alignement: Any evil + Neutral good
Class: Barbarian,Fighter,Rogue,Adventurer,ninja,samurai
God : Din

Goron : cost 0
+2 Str
+2 Con
-2 Dex
-2 Int
Natural Armour (+2)
Canít Swim
+ 2 demolitions
Alignement : Any Good
Class: Barabarian,Druid,Fighter,Monk,Sorcerer,martial artist & adventurer
Favored Class: Barbarian,Fighter,martial artist
God : Din

Hylians : cost : 2
+1 Feat at 1st level
+3 listen throw
+2 Wis
Alignement : Any
Class: Any
Favored Class: Cleric,Paladin,Sorcerer
God : Nayru

Hyrulians: cost : 0
+1 Feat at 1st Level
+4 Skill Points at 1st Level
+1 Skill Point each Level
Alignement : Any
Class : any except Cleric,Paladin & monk
Favored class: Fighter,Ranger,Barbarian
God : Any

Kokiri: cost : 4

+2 Listen, Search, and Spot Skill checks
Immunity to magical sleep spells
+2 Dexterity
-2 Constitution
Alignment : any good
Class : Bard,Cleric,Druid,Fighter,Ranger,Rogue,Adventurer, Ninja & shapeshifter
Favored Class: Ranger,Rogue,Druid
God : Farore

Sheikah : cost : 6

-2 Str
+4 Dex
-2 Con
+ 2 music related actions
+ 1 magic related actions
+ 2 willpower
+ 2 vs enchantements
+2 Wis
Alignment : Good,Neutral except chaotic
Class: any except Barbarian & druid
Favored class : Rogue,Paladin,bard,Ninja
God : Nayru

Zora : cost : 0

+ 10 Swin throw
Can Breathe underwater
+ 1 music related action
+1 Listen, Search, and Spot Skill checks
+2 Dex
-2 Str
Alignement : Any good
Class: Any except : Barbarian,Rogue,Sorcerer & Wizard
Favored class: Fighter,Monk,Bard,Martail artist
God : Nayru

*Adventurer,Ninja,shapechanger and samurai are from BESM d20 (download PDF : http://www.scribd.com/doc/24876674/BESM-D20-Systeme-Reference-Book)


1. download the gamebook pdf. and character sheet (http://www.4shared.com/get/239695233/bc336def/character_sheet.html)
2.Think a bit of your character concept
3.You start with 42 character points and you are lvl 6 (note that you have 3 free feats and 1 ability score increase)
4.Abilities : roll 4d6 and kick the lowest number.Add the three remaining numbers.
Repeat this action 6 times (total of 7)
Kick the lowest number
5.Choose a race :
and substrack the cost of it from your character points
write down what the race does(somewhere)
6.Choose a class from those one : Adeventurer,Barbarian,Bard,Cleric,Druid,Fighter,Ma rtial Artist,Monk,Ninja,Paladin,Ranger,Rogue,Samurai,Sha pechanger,Sorcerer & Wizard
write the hit dice type,the skills for this class(and the amount),your base attack bonus,fortitude,reflex will
read the tips about the abilities for this class (besm one) and place your abililties
write down the specials that your class give you from lvl 1 to 6
if you don't know what the 3.5 D&d classes give just go on http://www.d20srd.org/index.htm
7.Next is the attributes. The longest part in my opinion. You can't get any attributes over rank 6 (cause you are lvl 6)

There's a bunch of them but here are some that YOU CAN'T USE:
Armour (over powered)
Computer scanning (anyway it's just random)
Contamination (anyway it's just random)
Duplicate (cause it's annoying when a player get 8 rounds to play)
Dynamic Sorcery ( it sucks you better take the d&d one)
Extra Arm (do I need to explain myself ?)
Extra Attack (you'll get it with your level ad once more it's annoying)
Extra Defence
Features (this is for futeristic capaigns)
Flunkies (use Servant instead)
Heightened Senses Type II (no body will have a X ray vision sorry)
Insubstantial (sorry that's just too much for me)
Mechanical Genius
Metamorphosis ( I really like Alternate form instead of this one)
Mimic ( really don't like the whole mimic thing)
Own a Big Mecha (OBM)
Pet master
Power Defence
Regeneration (over powered and anoying)
Reincarnation ( you ain't freaking Jesus Christ)
Special Defence
Train a cute monster ( oh here's my ganon is he cute ?)
Unique Attribute
Unknown Superhuman Power

And I have some thing to say about some attributes:

Flight:unless you play a shapechanger,You can't
Superstrength: Unless you play a Goron or a shapechanger
Speed : you gain 6 of base mouvement every rank
Special Attack : If assigned on a weapon it does 1d6
Personal Gear : this give you 1 ''big'' item and 4 "small" items OR 2 "big" items.
Big item : weapons,armor,shield. small item : a map,googles,rations etc.
Magic : each rank you get 5 non offensive spell that you choose (where do you get them : your head)and you'll my approbation on your choices.
Jumping : + 5 jump every ranks
Item of power : you want a bad ass item, this is it.you basicly give attributes to your item (ex : sword with massive damage x 2 = 1d8 + 4 + str)
Invisibility : you can only choose to be invisible to the eyes so you can't take rank 2.
Damn healthy : you get 8 hp + con modifier
Enhanced [Ability] : unless you play a shapechanger,You can't
Exorcism : this won't be very usefull but you can still take it
Extra arms : unless you play a shapechanger,You can't
Mind Control : mind shit is not really my cup of tea
Mind shield : mind shit is not really my cup of tea.

if you have any question send me a personal message.

8. A feat is 2 Cp. you got 3 free.Be sure to check if you got what it take to buy the feat.

Here are these you CAN'T take:

Burst Fire(gun related)
Double Tap (gun related)
Force Stop ( you won't get a car sorry)
One Shot Left (it's non sense)
Portable Armoury
Vehicle Dodge

9.Now you should check if any defects can affect your characters in a possible ways (one of my played asked me : can i have Achilles Heel from people mounting unicorn ...)
Defects are thing bad about your character. this will give you more character points.
Please note :

Girl/Guy Magnet : you need a charisma score of 15 or more

10. now that you have choose all that your character can do. it's time to spend your actions point
cause you wont need those anymore (except if you need more skills points btw it's 1 CP for 4 sp)

11. Now is time for skills. go check in your notes or in the pdf how many your class gives you (ex: adventurer is (4+int))
Your class also gives you which skills it to your class. A skill that is cross-class (not given by your class)
take 2 sp for each rank. They are harder to learn. VERY IMPORTANT !!!! you also have the combat skills
that are not in D&D. those are for exemple melee attack, special attack ( they call it Special ranged attack) for the offensive spells (ex : fireball)
And don't mind the various kind of defence just choose 1 and call it only defence
Add the modifiers of the ability related to that skill + any misc modifier

Since they are ot in D&d here are the combat skills for every class:

Barbarian : Melee attack,Unarmed Attack,Defence
Bard : Archery,Melee attack,Thrown weapons,Defence
Cleric : Melee Attack,Special ranged attack,Defence
Druid : Melee attack,Special ranged attack,Defence
Fighter : All
Monk : Unarmed Attack,Defence
Paladin : Melee attack,Speacial ranged weapon,Defence
Ranger: Archery,Melee attack,Defence
Rogue: Melee Attack,Thrown Weapons,Defence
Sorcerer: Special ranged attack, Defence
Wizard : special ranged attack , defence

12.Finishing toutches :) For you equipement, you got to pick the PERSONAL gear attribute (see personal gear in attributes) but you all start with 1600 rp + :
Deku,Kokiri : add 100 rp
Hyrulians,Gerudo,Goron,Zora : add 300
Hylians & Sheikah : add 500

1 rupee breakdown for Zelda
Green Rupee (grp) =1 rupee
Blue Rupee (brp) = 5 rupees
Yellow Rupee (yrp) = 10 rupees
Red Rupee (rrp) = 20 rupees
Hudge Green Rupee (hgrp) = 100 rupees
Huge Orange Rupee (horp) = 200 rupees (uncommon and normally only found during adventures)

Hp: you look for your hit dice type (ex : barbarian is 1d12)
you roll your dice for each level (ex 6d12=32)
then you multiply your total constitution (ex:18) by your level
(18 x 6 =108)
if you have The DAmn healthy attribute add it
(ex: rank 2 8+8+4+4 = 24)
Add all your numbers ( 32+108+24 = 164)
There you go
Energy points:
Energy point (EP or Mana) is like hp but for your spells.
You got a d2 each level. Except magic classes
(1d4 lvl1,lvl4 d6,lvl8 d8,etc) (ex : lvl 4 cleric 4d6=18)
Then you multiply your FULL wisdom by your lvl
(ex : 16 x 4 = 64)
If you have the attribute Energy Bonus add it
( ex : rank 1 + 20)
Add all your numbers (18+64+20= 102 Ep)
Saving throws :
Fortitude : Base save (see your class page) + con mod + misc mod
Reflex : base save + dex mod + misc mod
Will : base save + wis mod + misc

Initiative : Dex mod + misc mod

Base Movement : dex mod x 3 for medium
x 2 for small
x 4 for Large

Defence : Defence skill rank + Size modifier(small or large) + any rank of defence combat mastery+ Armor bonus + Natural armor + dex mod


Class :

Cleric: The domains are chosen by which godess you pray (Din=power,fire. Creation of lands)(Nayru=Wisdom,water.Creation of laws.)(Farore=courage,plants,wind.Creation of life)
Air Domain : Farore
Animal Domain : Farore
Destruction Domain: Din
Earth Domain : Din
Fire Domain : Din
Good Domain : All
Healing Domain : Farore
Knowledge Domain: Nayru
Law Domain : Nayru
Luck Domain : Nayru
Magic Domain : All
Plant Domain : Farore
Protection Domain : Farore and Nayru
Strength Domain : Din
Sun Domain : Din
Trickery Domain : Only for Sheikah
War Domain : Din
Water Domain : Nayru
Din: 6
Nayru: 5
Farore: 5

To contact me : jess.moreau@hotmail.fr

03-05-2010, 05:29 PM
me !

03-06-2010, 09:24 PM
dude, this is an awesome. Kind of new but loved Zelda my whole life(beat pretty much every game). would need help to make a Zora character though:):):)
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also what would the story be like, the clasic save hyrule and defeat ganon type story, or a complety new story:confused::confused::confused:

Dark Cloaked Figure
03-06-2010, 09:55 PM
While Twilight Princess was a far more awesome game than Ocarina of Time (which was downright irritating in spots and I still haven't beat, stupid stealth mission), I am totally interested to hear more, if not join outright, this campaign.

03-07-2010, 12:01 AM
it's good to see that some people like the idea. About the plot, I don't really know for now, i'm kinda recruiting for now but just to give you an idea : I am playing a similiar campaign with my friends now and their characters are the first generation of sage (the one before Saria,ruuto and Darunia) basicly it's before Oot and their mission is to bring peace to Hyrule buy crafting a mystical sword known as the Master Sword.

Ps: sure i'll you build your characters :D

Dark Cloaked Figure
03-07-2010, 12:07 AM
Wait, what? We don't get to make our own characters?

03-07-2010, 09:50 AM
i want to make my own character still, just need help to make my first character. A Zora :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

03-07-2010, 11:11 AM
oups a word was missing XD I mean : Sure i'll HELP you build your characters.

Dark Cloaked Figure
03-07-2010, 12:34 PM
How can I contact you?

03-07-2010, 02:04 PM
Dark you can just PM him. Also I NEED HELP TO BUILD A ZORA CHARACTER (first time ever playing D&D)

03-07-2010, 07:05 PM
I might want in, depending on when you play.

I'm good with playing pretty much anything race/class-wise.

03-07-2010, 08:30 PM
first post updated btw you can and my msn : jess.moreau@hotmail.fr just tell me you pen&paper username when you add me ;)

EDIT: i have changed my mind we WON'T use D&d 3.5 we'll Use BESM D20 its a system i know more and my stuff is based on that system.
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[Jess[DM]] 10:03 pm: yay :)
[] 10:03 pm: grumblemumbles.
[trialbyfireent] 10:03 pm: I got here first. Neener neener.
[Jess[DM]] 10:03 pm: i created the room :D
[trialbyfireent] 10:03 pm: I will tell you this though.
[] 10:03 pm: sits with Dark .. its okay :D
[trialbyfireent] 10:03 pm: If you run more than 4 players, its gonna go super slow.
[trialbyfireent] 10:03 pm: I DM in chat a lot
[trialbyfireent] 10:04 pm: Its been my experience
[] 10:04 pm: I'm here for the off chance that Besm isn't as bad as it looked.
[Jess[DM]] 10:04 pm: okay well anyway
[] 10:04 pm: (Though, anything with a "magical girl" class rates high on my lameometer)
[] 10:04 pm: Anyways...
[Jess[DM]] 10:05 pm: first of all when you start a besm you start with CHARACTERS POINTS
[] 10:05 pm: GURPS-style?
[Jess[DM]] 10:06 pm: this is the most important point in this system
[Jess[DM]] 10:06 pm: you buy what your character can do with it
[Jess[DM]] 10:06 pm: the abilities (str,dex,con etc)
[Jess[DM]] 10:06 pm: your race
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[Jess[DM]] 10:07 pm: your feat
[Blydden] 10:07 pm: huggles DCF.
[Blydden] 10:07 pm: me going now.
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[] 10:07 pm: o.0
[] 10:07 pm: 0.o
[Jess[DM]] 10:07 pm: how.... usefulll ?
[Jess[DM]] 10:07 pm: and finally your ATTRIBUTES
[Jess[DM]] 10:08 pm: attributes are thing that must of people can't do
[Jess[DM]] 10:08 pm: it's spell,more hp,a better attack bonus etc
[Jess[DM]] 10:09 pm: have i lost someone?
[] 10:09 pm: is there a website that has like a PFD or something i can browse over?
[Jess[DM]] 10:09 pm: sure
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[Tiefling] 10:10 pm: are you using the besm d20?
[Jess[DM]] 10:10 pm: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24876674/BESM-D20-Systeme-Reference-Book (http://www.scribd.com/doc/24876674/BESM-D20-Systeme-Reference-Book)
[Jess[DM]] 10:10 pm: yes
[Tiefling] 10:10 pm: i have that pdf
[Tiefling] 10:10 pm: ah
[Tiefling] 10:10 pm: sry easy 2 lose me right now
[Jess[DM]] 10:11 pm: this system is similar at d&d cause it's a d20 system
[Jess[DM]] 10:11 pm: the way you play is the same the only thing that is differant is the way your build your character
[Jess[DM]] 10:12 pm: (btw if you have questions,just ask)
[Tiefling] 10:12 pm: when? what day ande time?\
[Jess[DM]] 10:12 pm: now
[Tiefling] 10:13 pm: so sunday nights?
[Jess[DM]] 10:13 pm: ok so ill tell you what are the ''good'' classes of Besm
[Jess[DM]] 10:13 pm: no don't mind that for now
[Jess[DM]] 10:13 pm: cause i have to admit that some classes are lame.... very lame
[Jess[DM]] 10:14 pm: but that's because than system is good for any game you want to do
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[Jess[DM]] 10:14 pm: a robot game, a zelda game , a card captor sakura game ANYTHING
[] 10:14 pm: So, like GURPS.
[Jess[DM]] 10:15 pm: GURPS?
[] 10:15 pm: Generic Universal RolePlaying System.
[Jess[DM]] 10:15 pm: yeah
[] 10:15 pm: It's a LOT like you're describing.
[Jess[DM]] 10:16 pm: yeah i mean there's thing you can't do but it's a good base to any game
[Jess[DM]] 10:17 pm: if you have the pdf you can take the class section i'm gonna explain a few things
[Jess[DM]] 10:18 pm: the first class I'll allow you to take (plus the D&d one) is the adventurer
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[Jess[DM]] 10:18 pm: it's the classless class basicly choose what your class will give you
[Jess[DM]] 10:19 pm: next is the martial artist basicly it's the class for Goron or zora thay will fight unarmed
[Jess[DM]] 10:20 pm: next is the ninja
[] 10:20 pm: Historically, Gorons did use warhammers...
[Jess[DM]] 10:20 pm: i know but most goron don't have any weapons
[] 10:21 pm: Most, yeah, just saying, not all.
[Jess[DM]] 10:21 pm: okay the ninja is a good mixt between good skills and a good fighter
[Jess[DM]] 10:22 pm: it's basicly a rogue but less focused on the trap-side
[Jess[DM]] 10:23 pm: that's why i said Sheikah are good ninja because they are kinda rogue and kinda fighter
[Jess[DM]] 10:23 pm: so who was planning to make a sheikah?
[Jess[DM]] 10:23 pm: no one?
[] 10:24 pm: listens to the crickets.
[Jess[DM]] 10:24 pm: ok
[Jess[DM]] 10:24 pm: i guess it was the dude who leaved
[] 10:25 pm: Llayne?
[Jess[DM]] 10:25 pm: next is samurai it's a class focused on sword combat
[Jess[DM]] 10:25 pm: yeah
[Jess[DM]] 10:26 pm: i like the next one : it's the shapechanger
[Jess[DM]] 10:26 pm: i don't think it needs a lot of explanation ... you can change form
[] 10:26 pm: Ooh, like Twilight Link?
[Jess[DM]] 10:27 pm: and you chose what you next form will do
[Jess[DM]] 10:27 pm: kinda but that's a curse
[] 10:27 pm: Best curse ever.
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[Jess[DM]] 10:28 pm: for exemple ... a shapeshfter says to himself hey i'm gonna be half-man half-bear
[Jess[DM]] 10:28 pm: so he'lll make his alternate form stronger and with more health point
[] 10:28 pm: chuckles. Half-man half-bear half-pig.
[Jess[DM]] 10:28 pm: you can't be half 3 things
[Jess[DM]] 10:29 pm: it's not mathematic :O
[] 10:29 pm: knows. That was part of the joke.
[Jess[DM]] 10:29 pm: (but nice south park reference)
[Jess[DM]] 10:29 pm: that's it for the classes
[Jess[DM]] 10:30 pm: Adventurer,martial artist ninja shapeshifter and samurai
[] 10:30 pm: And we can have D&D classes also... what about non-core classes?
[Jess[DM]] 10:30 pm: non-core?
[] 10:31 pm: Like, Complete suchandsuch classes?
[Jess[DM]] 10:31 pm: just the one that were on the forum
[Jess[DM]] 10:32 pm: each level the class gives you something new like in dd
[Jess[DM]] 10:32 pm: and you dont have to pay the classes
[Jess[DM]] 10:32 pm: so do i have questions?
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[Jess[DM]] 10:34 pm: so what do you think?
[] 10:36 pm: Um...
[] 10:36 pm: Not sure what I think.
[Jess[DM]] 10:36 pm: ?
[] 10:37 pm: What do you mean, "don't have to pay the classes"?
[Jess[DM]] 10:37 pm: you have character point to buy race abilities feat and attribute
[Jess[DM]] 10:38 pm: however if you choose a class it won't cost you any character points
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[] 10:38 pm: Oh, neat.
[Jess[DM]] 10:39 pm: exemple : human race cost o but sheikah cost 6 cause it give a lot of bonus
[Jess[DM]] 10:39 pm: cost 0 *
[Jess[DM]] 10:39 pm: the races are not balanced but they have a different cost
[] 10:40 pm: Okay.
[Jess[DM]] 10:40 pm: so is besm still that bad?
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[] 10:41 pm: Um...
[] 10:41 pm: Well, I guess if you don't use the standard classes, it isn't horrible.
[Jess[DM]] 10:41 pm: someclass are just random
[Jess[DM]] 10:42 pm: like sentai menters
[] 10:42 pm: It's a lot better than GURPS though.
[Jess[DM]] 10:42 pm: it's the god damn power ranger class
[] 10:42 pm: GURPS uses thac0 for everything.
[Besm 101]: DarQuing has left at 10:42 pm+
[Jess[DM]] 10:43 pm: ok
[Jess[DM]] 10:43 pm: with besm you have a lot of attributes that you can give to your characters and you make various kind of characters
[Jess[DM]] 10:44 pm: i think that no system is perfec
[] 10:44 pm: Okay.
[Jess[DM]] 10:47 pm: when are you avalible to pla ?
[Jess[DM]] 10:47 pm: play*
[] 10:48 pm: Me?
[Jess[DM]] 10:48 pm: yes
[] 10:49 pm: Uhh...
[] 10:50 pm: Well, I frankly don't know.
[Jess[DM]] 10:50 pm: evening?
[] 10:50 pm: Evening, friday?
[Jess[DM]] 10:51 pm: not an othernight
[Jess[DM]] 10:51 pm: ?
[] 10:52 pm: Well, I'm available on friday, saturday, and sunday evenings, and I want to leave saturdays open for my own campaign.
[Jess[DM]] 10:53 pm: ok
[Jess[DM]] 10:53 pm: id like sunday evening
[Jess[DM]] 10:53 pm: better then friday
[] 10:53 pm: Okay.
[] 10:53 pm: What times work for you?
[Jess[DM]] 10:55 pm: 8 to 12
[Jess[DM]] 10:55 pm: or less
[Jess[DM]] 10:56 pm: where do you live eh
[] 10:56 pm: Pacific.
[Jess[DM]] 10:56 pm: im east coast
[] 10:57 pm: Hm.
[Jess[DM]] 10:57 pm: so my 8 to 12 would be 5 to 9
[] 10:57 pm: ...that's possible.
[] 10:57 pm: How will we do the combat?
[Jess[DM]] 10:58 pm: what do you mean?
[] 10:59 pm: I mean, do we describe our movements, use a map program, or what?
[Jess[DM]] 10:59 pm: describe
[Jess[DM]] 10:59 pm: a map would be tricky
[] 11:00 pm: How so?
[Jess[DM]] 11:00 pm: I don't know how i'll do it
[Jess[DM]] 11:01 pm: any irl i describe
[] 11:01 pm: Why not use Gametable?
[] 11:03 pm: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gametable/ (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gametable/)
[] 11:03 pm: Super duper easy to use.
[] 11:03 pm: And it automatically logs your sessions.
[Jess[DM]] 11:04 pm: ill have a look
[] 11:05 pm: If you have any questions, just ask me.
[] 11:05 pm: If you have YIM, I'm darth_cloaked_guy.
[Jess[DM]] 11:05 pm: i don't
[Jess[DM]] 11:05 pm: i have skype and msn
[] 11:06 pm: MSN works too.
[Jess[DM]] 11:06 pm: what's your msn?
[] 11:06 pm: This is the best way to get my attention when I'm not in the chat.
[] 11:06 pm: I don't have MSN, but I can chat with people who do.
[] 11:07 pm: What's your MSN?
[Jess[DM]] 11:07 pm: ok
[Jess[DM]] 11:07 pm: jess.moreau@hotmail.fr (jess.moreau@hotmail.fr)
[] 11:07 pm: Thank you.
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Welcome! You have entered [Besm 101] at 11:19 pm+
[Jess[DM]] 11:19 pm: hi
[Calsapher] 11:19 pm: So am i 2 late for the lesson?
[Jess[DM]] 11:19 pm: yeah but i'll fix it up

03-08-2010, 07:16 AM
thing zbout how your making zora classes, WHY CANT I BE A RANGER IF IM A ZORA. i mean really, zroa's can be alot mrore versatile than just pretty mucjmonks, ards and fighters

03-08-2010, 09:14 AM
thing zbout how your making zora classes, WHY CANT I BE A RANGER IF IM A ZORA. i mean really, zroa's can be alot mrore versatile than just pretty mucjmonks, ards and fighters

i guess you can i've just done this fast with my first impression I did not imagine a zora with a bow with a wolf compagnion XD

Dark Cloaked Figure
03-08-2010, 10:33 AM
There are aquatic companions for Druids and Rangers.

03-08-2010, 12:00 PM
There are aquatic companions for Druids and Rangers.

but even if the player is a zora ranger with an aquatic companion it will non be that usefell cause we wont be in water very often so this is kinda useless IMO.

03-08-2010, 05:09 PM
well i was thinking of more of a Zora with a custom type companion, a water wolf, a water elemental with the shape of a wolf, it will let only the person it chooses to ride it, all others cant even touch it, except for magic, very VERY vulnerable to magic(pretty much a 2 shot kill)
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still water magic can be used so that would kind of lessen the need for water also

03-08-2010, 05:45 PM
well i was thinking of more of a Zora with a custom type companion, a water wolf, a water elemental with the shape of a wolf, it will let only the person it chooses to ride it, all others cant even touch it, except for magic, very VERY vulnerable to magic(pretty much a 2 shot kill)
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still water magic can be used so that would kind of lessen the need for water also

I know how to do it ;)

03-09-2010, 03:47 PM
yay here comes my water wolf :biggrin::biggrin:

03-10-2010, 11:53 AM
so maybe we'll play sunday night from 5 to 9 pacific time (8 to 12 on eastcost) is everybody fine with that ?

03-11-2010, 07:49 AM
Congrats Jess, it is looking like you will be running your game without having to wait too long to find some players. Good luck to you and your adventurers.

03-11-2010, 11:18 AM
Congrats Jess, it is looking like you will be running your game without having to wait too long to find some players. Good luck to you and your adventurers.

Oh thank you Cpl :D Zelda is a game that is so popular no wonder how i've found tem so quickly

03-11-2010, 01:43 PM
not going to be able to participate for a while, moms mad at low marks in school so ill try to keep updated about when going to be able to play

03-13-2010, 09:59 AM
too bad :(

03-13-2010, 10:26 AM
I can play every night from 5pm-9pm moutain time =) my favored class would be Wizard and ill play Deku if you want me to join respond to my pm if you want me in the group.

03-13-2010, 04:39 PM
I can play every night from 5pm-9pm moutain time =) my favored class would be Wizard and ill play Deku if you want me to join respond to my pm if you want me in the group.

Sure i want you in the group we were only 2 for now (serious players and 3 with me)