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03-01-2010, 12:16 PM
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Restless Souls comes to the gaming table with the interesting idea of playing a character who is not quite dead and not quite living either. This thirteen page add-on to your d20 or Pathfinder game is an expansion of the Questhaven campaign world by Rite Publishing, but the content within can easily be adapted to just about any fantasy setting. Within its pages, you will find a new template which will transform any (now dead) creature into a restless soul, along with twenty-two new feats and ten new spells.

The idea behind Restless Souls is a good one, and even as I read the opening introduction, as told by one of the restless dead themselves, ideas were already running through my head about how I could use this in one of my games. Restless souls, it is explained, are those who died having left some critical task yet unfinished — what adventurer doesn’t, right? They are returned to life either by their sheer will alone or perhaps by the ever meddling hand of the gods. While this may well be a planned part of any character’s background, it also provides a mechanism for the crafty DM to overcome the dreaded Total-Party-Kill and either keep a game going after disaster has struck or change directions entirely.

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