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03-01-2010, 10:12 AM
Campaign: Crossroad
System: Rifts
Starting level: 1

Starting Classes: Normal
Races: Any

The players create characters that were all born in or around Crossroads, an interdimensional/crosstime nexus in the dimension of Limbo, somewhere along the Outer Alignment. Here demons, humans, elves, dwarfs, people from all over the megaverse come, settle, raise families or pass through on their way elsewhere. There's a great deal of commerce and strange people and ideas moving through. Some get lot in the vast array of portals and only the Gate Masters can predict the portals destinations and help people find their way out if they get lost.

Its a peaceful place, a place where thousands of people have made homes and created lives and children have been born, grown, made new families and died for countless generations. Time, in Crossroads, flows out of sync with many worlds.

The characters were all born in and raised in or around Crossroads and while they've experienced travelers and heard stories, they've never left and explored through any of the portals.

Now it would become a necessity.

A ravening horde of mech-suited troops pour out of a portal one day in a nearby realm, killing everybody, some of them friends and family of the characters and managing somehow to get past the tech-ward that prevents all technology from working except that locally made. The characters are chosen to be allowed out to find out what can be learned and if possible, the origin of this horde so that their portals can be blocked.

In doing so the characters learn a devastating secret about the nature of Crossroads itself and why they, barely skilled at all, were chosen and allowed to leave instead of those who were far more qualified.