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02-26-2010, 05:06 PM
Played over IRC on the DarkMyst network, Kethmar is a persistent fantasy world utilizing the D&D version 3.5 ruleset, but this isn't your standard tabletop game. With themes as sensitive as slavery and mental and physical domination, players are expected to be mature enough to handle the consequences of their actions, as well as be expected to be at least 18 years of age.

Started in 2002, Kethmar is what is called a "structured" freeform roleplaying channel, meaning it consists of general roleplaying, with optional questing and quest-running. Characters of different levels and backgrounds intermingle freely when not out on the hunt, and those characters are able to group with whomever else is available at any given time. Play can last 24/7, as long as there's someone else to play with you.

For incoming players, Knowledge of d20 rules is a plus, but not required. Questing is a plus, but not required of anyone. Roleplaying and the setting come first, and even players who only want social interaction have a place in this game.

Our website is http://www.kethmar.com. We're currently retooling our database and ruleset to modified Revised rules, and a complete overhaul of the website and rules should be completed by April. Sorry, guys, no Psionics or Monks at this time.

Please log in to the IRC channel #kethmar_ooc on the DarkMyst network and stop by and say hello, kick back, shoot the breeze. (No talk of politics or religion, please!)

03-02-2010, 11:38 AM
The year 13,318 After Cataclysm

The Continent

Tarmass Uprising Quelled - Tarmassite forces commanded by Lord Cazerra moved to suppress religious fanatic activities in the trade city of Veltan. Cazerra evoked emergency powers with the Emperor's blessing as the task force moved in to seize strategic assets and restore stability and peace to the embattled city. Imperial interventian came after a month-long investigation revealed that religious revolutionaries had attempted to infiltrate the Veltan city council, intent on sowing discord and unrest among the populace. The entire city council has been disbanded, and its members executed after admitting to charges of treason.

Dracenfel King Abdicates Throne - King Ralle voluntarily abdicated the Dracenfel throne after only a year. Citing rapidly failing health, Ralle named his brother and general, Essel, as the next king. This marks the first time in over a thousand years where the Dracenfel crown changed hands without violence.


Caer Dire Declares Victory Over Toddheim - After many violent clashes between Caer Dire and Toddheim, Razor Highbinder declared victory as he marched a combined occupational force into the Orc city of Toddheim. Soon after, an end to the conflict was signed as the Orc warchief signed a document stating that there would be one objective for the occupation: eliminating Toddheim's war potential. At the head of the occupation administration are Magistrates picked by Highbinder, all of whom are currently frontier Magistrates for Eisenfaust, Spindle Valley, and other territories in Caerdith.

New Zaras Construction Project Diverted to Manka'irin - A recent shift in Dwarven foreign policy radically changed the trade situation in Caerdith, as both Dwarfmount and Ironforge severed most ties with the outside world. Resultantly, a project being developed by the gnomes of New Zaras with Dwarfmount was left up in the air. Fortunately, the leaders of Manka'irin gladly stepped up in an effort to retain strong ties between the Elves and the Gnomes. Little is understood about this new project, but Gnomish engineers insist that the new project will revolutionize trade between the two cities.

The City of Kethmar

Giant Bread Monster Still On the Loose! - Decades after the infamous "Epic Bread monster" story first circulated through town, Invokers at Kethmar Academy claimed to have peered into the Astral plane to determine whether Kethmar was still in danger of being swallowed by this beast. According to Varial Warmain, if the beast were ever to escape the astral plane, the City of Kethmar would be completely swallowed by a gigantic blob of breaddough!