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02-26-2010, 08:48 AM
Campaign Setting Prelude:

"In a world where humanity has dug it's grave, from which the old races have either fled or dug deep into the planet's crust, and on where the savage races struggle to regain their numbers after the Great Human Wars, all that remains are the former slaves to squabble over the ruins."


Campaign world concept:

This is a world which I would be sticking into my cosmology if I can get it off the ground (help pwease? 0.0).
As some may know in my cosmology and homeworld Humanity basically hit it's own self-destruct button and is all but extinct.
My cosmology is low-wealth and low-magic.
On this world, as in many others, the destruction caused by the Human on Human conflict was so massive that other races were affected and forced to defend themselves, flee, or isolate themselves.
On this world the Long-Lived/Old Races did the following: The Elves rediscovered (or simply were given by the few remaining First Ones) the magic to make the cloud ships (aka Spelljammer ships) of their First Ones ancestors, while the Dwarves dug ever deeper into the planet's crust and far beyond what any other underground race has ever ventured to and have not been seen since.
The Savage Races (Orcs, Gnolls, etc) were so thrilled at the offers from diminishing Human nations and city states of forged weapons and armor that they eagerly joined the Human ranks as mercenaries. However, while they are still around unlike Humans their numbers are crippled. Not to mention they are still fighting each other with their slowly decaying weapons and armor (it has been 85 years since the Human Fall).
From the rubbled Human cities, and the abandoned ancient Elven forests with their majestic cities (those that the Elves did not take with them...) are emerging one of the two great survivors: The mighty Goblins! While mighty might be a stretch, their fast reproduction and the fact that they are normally complete cowards by nature allowed them to survive The Human Plague in great numbers, and they are starting to reproduce exponentially in this new void.
The second great survivors is the Kobolds. Everyone underestimated the humble Kobold, so no one really bothered with them during the epic plague that took place. Considered too weak to be of use as military slaves or even fodder by all but the cheapest of BBEGs they were mostly left alone, and with the Dwarves abandoning their ancient fortified mines and underground fortresses they had been quietly increasing their colonies' rates of reproduction to divide the tribes as many times as possible to claim these new homes and resources which the Dwarves had kept from them for millenia.
So now the Goblins roam the Elven forests and their majestic ancient cities looking for left-behind trinkets (occasionally finding a very powerful one), while the Kobolds dwell the underdark with the ancient Dwarven fortresses (and their own fortified colonies) as their safe havens and trading posts. Where their paths cross is the ruins of man, where everything and anything is still for the taking (including the cities themselves).
The Savage Races are still managing to hold on to the plains, but while they detest the idea of ever admitting it they know their former slaves could easily take them and finish them off in their current situation.
Also, this is a D20 Modern World! Yup, buns, grenades, and such (who knows, maybe even a tank) littered everywhere for players to have their crazy little Goblins or Kobolds use. @.@

Playing/Playstyle/Whatever Term is correct for this of how the game would work:

I imagine players would basically be either a Goblin or Kobold themed party.
I am not sure if a mixed race party would work?
They could theoretically play a Savage Race member I suppose.
For plots/goals I imagine they could choose (I run sandbox style worlds) to do things/quest such as find more guns/ammo for their small/growing clans? Get revenge on the other side for killing their clan mates? Find new "toyz" worth bring home (like a tank or military truck)? Take over another tribe of their own kind? Or if they are feeling extremely ambitious (or just plain silly I guess...) take over an entire Human city? Perhaps even try to take the plains from the Savage Races, or exterminate them? Maybe figure out where the Dwarves and Elves went if they are playing "smart" Goblins/Kobolds (OMSardior...a Goblins and Kobolds Spelljammer game?! XD )?
How would they deal with gas needs? Or ammo needs? I imagine this would be an important factor in the game.