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02-23-2010, 12:52 PM
I happen to be an avid collector of zombie material and recently put up my prized All Flesh Must Be Eaten collection for sale on ebay. After having it up for almost a week and only two people even watching it, not even asking any questions, I was starting to think that it was a no go and I would be able to keep my books (which I dont want to sell really anyway), when I noticed that one of the books is going for outlandish prices elsewhere. Dungeons and Zombies seems to be selling for 200 dollars or more elsewhere (and not just by one person but by 5 or 6) by itself, and the only response I could get from other sellers is because its a rare book, but at the same time I can still order it from amazon, or my local comic shop for cover price of about 20 dollars. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what I should do? I'm only asking 150 for the entire collection haha, and im not greedy, but i don't want to lose out on something like that if its really worth the money. anyone have any ideas on if its actually that hard to find of a book? because if it is, id much rather keep hold of it for collection porpoises in the first place!

02-23-2010, 02:15 PM
The ethical questions I'll leave up to you. You can either get whatever the market will bear, or sell it for what you think is a reasonable price.

I will say I'm astounded how much a used D&D 3.5 PHB goes for these days. ($50?) I really don't get the idea of "collecting" -- sealing up your purchase in a plastic bag and keeping it in a vault. If I buy a game or book or CD I want to use it.

Conversely, f I'm never going to use it, or I've extracted as much value as I can from it, I might as well pass it on. (If I get money for it, great.) Right now I'm selling off stuff I bought ages ago that I never use, even never got around to reading and probably never will. Not only does it reduce clutter and give me money for more games, it allows someone else down the line to discover it.

Twenty years ago, fans of a TV show that never got a commercial release, or UNiX hackers pre-Web and pre-commercialization, would keep passing the tapes around. Except for the "free" part, and the "copying" part, keeping old books in circulation keeps your favorite system alive in much the same way.

But I digress.

02-23-2010, 05:44 PM
thanks for the reply fmitchell, and that was a part that i left out of my post. i originally purchased the AFMBE game because i love roleplaying and pencil and paper games cant be beat. the reason i picked up dungeons and zombies (my last purchase of the series, actually), was to read over the material and see if it would make a decent addition to my game. turns out that it didnt, we already had several d and d campaigns going and adding some of the elements to AFMBE just seemed to ruin the entire point of playing a different game in the first place...so the book just collected dust. i would love for someone to have this collection so that they too will play it like i did, which is another great point you made. thank you for the insight, ill figure out what im doing eventually haha!