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02-12-2010, 03:47 PM
My buddy and I are looking to start a game using the Pathfinder rules system.

Ideally, we'd like to maintain one campaign setting but rotate DMing duties every once and a while. Think of it like a TV show with a different writer/director each season. While you're DMing, your character becomes an NPC. We don't necessarily expect everyone to go for this, so if you just want to be a player, that's OK too. Decisions about specific campaign details and character creation will occur at the first session, with the campaign starting the following week.

Location will rotate between our homes (both in Woburn) and anyone else who has available play space. Usual time will be Wednesdays from 7-11pm.

05-04-2010, 07:10 PM
i was wondering if at all i could get some more info on your Game if you are still looking for players

05-06-2010, 11:16 AM
Right now we have a DM plus 4 players. We can handle 2 more players. We're about to switch DMing duties next week to our 3rd DM. It's working out okay but it's definitely producing some shifts in tone. It may be that we settle into one long term DM at some point in the future, but who knows.

Currently we're meeting at my house in Woburn because my wife is also playing and we can't leave the kids alone to go game elsewhere. We meet here Wednesday nights from 8-11.

We're all 3rd level at the moment. The group consists of a half-elven fighter, a human cleric, a half-orc monk (me), a tiefling sorceress (my wife) and an elven rogue.

I started DMing first, with the PC's traveling by ship and being attacked by slavers. They had a pitched battle in the middle of a storm that ultimately left them shipwrecked on a mysterious island. On the island they found strange metal and stone statues and the signs of an ancient civilization. Once the party engaged in combat with the surviving slavers the statues animated and captured all the combatants. They were brought to an empty arena where the golems, running on "auto-pilot", called into the empty stadium seats for bets to be placed. Then the PC's had to fight whatever was thrown at them. After a clever escape they made it to the damaged slaver ship, repaired it and escaped.

After that our 2nd DM had us return to civilization where we helped a group of paladins escort one of their deceased members to his final resting place. This paladin was well remembered for some heroic battle in which he slew a werewolf. Sure enough, that werewolf's descendants weren't going to let things go as planned and things got, well, hairy for a while. That mission ended well and now we're on our way to help restore some magic bells that serve as a sort of magical early warning system for a series of border towns.

We've introduced some house rules from the 3.5e Unearthed Arcana: the defense bonus and damage reduction rules are the ones that stand out in my mind at the moment (there may be one or two others).

That's about it, I think. Feel free to follow up with any further questions you might have. You (or anyone else interested) could always just come for a session or two and then decide if you want to stay.

05-24-2010, 08:59 PM
Just found this site (& thus this post) today. I actually live in Woburn myself and have been looking for another game to add to my schedule (and Wednesday is one of my free nights). I'm not familiar with the Pathfinder system (yet!), but I doubt it'd take long to pick up.

If you're still open to new players I'd be up for coming out to meet the group, see if/how things fit in.