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Soft Serve
02-11-2010, 02:08 PM
A Horror game I made a long while ago based on Lovecraft's writings. I made it originally just for me and my immediate friends but it broke out and about 3 weeks ago I got it started back up and have been polishing it since.

It's the early 1920's and WWII hasn't started yet when these crazy altars and cults are found in Alaska and New Orleans at almost the same time. The investigators having each at some point in their lives been made local celebrities by strange attacks, dreams, family deaths, or otherwise spectacular phenomena have been chosen to delve into the mythos.

The game itself is practically %100 RP. If you're pointblank with someone and fire a gun we'll most likely skip the roll to hit and call it a gimme. But don't be fooled, it's still easy enough to die or go insane as Call of Cthulhu games are famous for, although survival is just as easy so long as you recognize running away as a very viable plan B.

The level of lethality, the limit on ammunition, the knowledge that the other players may actually be out to get you, and the generally foreign areas, stacked with the horde of angry cultists trying their hardest to drag a demon out of hell right in front of you make this a true horror game.

The schedule is not definite.
We'll be playing in the P&PG chat.
Here is the site which is still being worked on a little as of posting.
Also I know it's a strange URL, I didn't plan on anyone but my friends seeing it...