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02-10-2010, 11:28 PM
What the heck thought I'd repost it here just because.

Got my copy of Geezers "Shut It!" about two weeks ago and decided to bang together a game last Friday. Now, I haven't had time yet to paint up my official Geezers figs so I used some Foundry Street Violence, Amazon Miniatures, and some coppers from the defunct Tactical Miniatures company. Decided to knock together a negotiations chart and have some punks
buying some good old fashion drugs off some skins
while an undercover narcotics agent waited to call on back up and make the bust
The deal was to go down in the alley behind the movie theater
and the Hobo Dogs take away
The gangs were made up of one Mad Harry (leader of the gang) each and two ne'er do wells. Now unfortunately using Foundry figures meant they were armed a little heavier than the usual Geezers game and I suggested a bit of roleplay on not just cutting loose with the firearms at the drop of a dime as that could mean hard time in the pokey for just shooting down officers of the law.
The gangs had to meet in the back alley and get their Mad Harrys in base to base contact to begin negotiations using a chart I banged together. The undercover officer could activate 1d6 turns after the gangs started moving and the Top Geezer rolled a '2' and was underway just a hair behind the gangs. Once activated the Geezer could call in back up in the form of three uniformed officers and in a diamond moment he scored a '1' and the badges were on the board just as the exchange began so the pressure was on to get the deal up and over with so the crooks could get back to their cars before the coppers scooped up the lot of them.
Little known to the players I decided to have a third gang (yeah, yeah, I'm only gamemastering here wink wink) ambush the deal to further add to the problems. Bursting out of the back of the theater were the juveniles trying to blag both the drugs AND the money.
Up to this point it had only been Shift It! rolls for movement and people laughing at the narcotics agent scuttling like a crab with an 8cm move, a 10cm move basically crawling but making a mad dash through the Big 'G' Burger and hopping over the counter and through the back door. It would have been more heroic if it hadn't taken a good four turns to do so...
So right about the time the back door of the Gizmonic Burger stand burst open with a 'Freeze! You're nicked!' a gang of schoolgirls and heavy metal kids slammed out of the movie theater and got the drop on both gangs.
It got tasty as the gangs decided to show the pipe and knife wielding kiddies a taste of lead...
A hail of SMG fire echoed through the alley...
and two of the schoolgirls got their knickers in a bind and hit the ground in pools of their red red lifeblood. At this point Bottle checks were failed and the gal with the green mohawk legged it for a hiding place. One of the skin birds lost her nerve completely and started hauling it for a board edge and out of the game. Right on her heels was pipe wielding Edgar who decided she had the right idea and was also leaving the area as fast as he could.
The copper also blew his Bottle and apparently wet himself at the sound of gunfire and moved 12cm back through the alley to group up with the shotgun armed officer that was heading towards the sound of gunfire.
Naturally things got a bit hectic here and the camera was forgotten. The Top Geezer got back into the action and used his Automatic Hit ability to take out the SMG armed schoolgirl as the Mad Harrys made their breaks with the money and drugs having exchanged hands in the skins favor. As they legged it one of the coppers caught up with pink haired Kat and gave her a rifle butt to the noodle and knocked her out cold. Another copper pulled off a shot at the last skin bird and she crumpled up, out of the game. In the ensuing chaos the poor green haired punkette gave up the ghost and just dropped her gun and put her hands up and was subsequently cuffed.
At this point both Mad Harrys were all that was left were the punk and skin leaders as the kids had either been shot, booted, or just gave up. The skin leader had to get through one lagging copper and he was away while the punk leader had a clear shot for the car with the narcotics agent on his tail. There was an exhange of gunfire wounding both and then a round of Rough Stuff as the agent tried to pull the crook back out of his car.
In the end the skin made it through the cop
and away in his van.
While the punk rocker threw his car in reverse and started backing down the street in a hail of gunfire.
We houseruled the car could only get up to 20cm in reverse to the player decided to do a 180 and well....
At the end of the day the skins technically won since they came out ahead in the drug deal and got away. The narcotics agent got to turn his back on an exploding car and slowly walk away while the punks were going to get some hard porridge.
Overall the game took about an hour and half, we had a few questions arise during the game but I've asked those over at the Geezers Yahoo group. We didn't go through the court phase of the game but we noted that all the evidence chits were false leads so it was likely that everyone arrested would probably walk on technicalities.
Overall a great game and we plan to rerun the scenario next week or the week after that.

02-21-2011, 02:12 PM
Sounds like a fun game an your terrain looks pretty good. You using WorldWorks by any chance?