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02-08-2010, 11:44 PM

"Salutations!" says a old man in red robes with nicely trimmed beard.....

He then waves his hand as the door behind you slams shut.....

"Don't be frightened you have made a good decision on landing on the planet of Alorath.......

Soon you will be curious to know who Morashitar is, but before I tell you, let me welcome you traveler. It has been long since I had some company. I am not the youngest anymore. Oh wait.... how rude of me. Who am I? Well I am your historian and advisor and shall always guide you into the right direction.

I shall introduce you to a world full of imagination, hope, and enjoyment. Well if you like grapan liquor from the halflings then I consider that enjoyment indeed.

Now where was I... oh yes... MORASHITAR. The name really annoys me to tell you the truth, but this name is feared throughout the planet of Alorath. You see not many talk of that name. It is the idea of a dreaded demon lord who has taken over a part of the world. It is but a small part, but nevertheless he is feared by everyone. Even dragons fear him! Now that this demon lord conquered the underworld he wishes to conquer the surface and it has already begun. It is fortunate you come in time. You might just change the outcome one day. There have been so many tales told about MORASHITAR that I am sure you will hear of it many more times by the time you step out of that door.
Nevertheless this planet needs a hero, but not anykind of hero. One that is worthy and willing to spend time to understand the inhabitants of the lands. They speak of experiences that can be beneficial to you. Well that is if you wish to become a hero. There is much to do and so little time.

Now stand over there on that platform where the chair is and I shall make you into something afterall. Yes...yes over there please."



"Perhaps a cup of tea or some of that grapan liquor I was talking about. No then at least take a seat for your life is going to change," the old historian says.

"You see I believe this game of life on the planet of Alorath is unique. In this game of life you can choose to become anything you want. How does it work? Well it is quite simple actually. With a wave of my hand you shall be that what you choose. Yes I can do it. The powers have been granted to me!"

You can become:

A lord that rules a kingdom!
I don't think MORASHITAR will like that, but hey, who cares about what that vile demon thinks right!

A free adventurer!
If you are not into running a kingdom then adventuring is certainly something you might enjoy.

A business owner!
Perhaps you don't enjoy running a kingdom or adventuring! Don't worry you can run a business in a town. Perhaps become a blacksmith or tax inspector or run a farm?

So what do you say? You haven't registered yet?? Are you kidding me! This game is free!

Okay no problem.... maybe this will get you to register.

Choose from over 20 races

Choose from over 30 classes.

You can become a ballet instructor even! No..no just kidding!

Choose a protector such as a dragon, unicorn, pegasus, wyvern, or earth elemental. There are many to choose from!

Choose a banner to represent your empire. There is even a cool little heart banner that glitters! Please don't pick that one if you are a male!

Choose a region to create a settlement of unhappy inhabitants that want to rape you from your common senses. No it doesn't have to be that way. You can actually make them happy also. It takes work of course!
Choose from over 20 campaigns that offer detailed maps and rich storyline.

Choose to hire escorts (not prostitutes!), leaders, and for hire units each with over 20 choices to choose from.
Choose to run a market as a business owner.

Buy buildings for your inhabitants.

Steal lunch money from poor peasants as an adventurer! Why not you are not limited!
Help damsels in distress for a kiss!

Marry and have children or become a grumpy old grouch!

Okay now you must be already registering?

NO not yet!! Seriously! What is holding you back?

Okay what if you receive a free Ebook when joining. Yes Free! Well everything is free on this site anyway but a free 500 page medieval swords and sorcery novel that offers a rich story of believable characters. A land map and really neat illustrations from the author is also provided to you in the story.

There are also over 50 free fantasy computer games to play on the site also. Just scroll down further to find the link.

Now come on this had to do it! Come visit the Gamemaster and become a new family member to where we make genuine friendships and alot of laughter.


Your Gamemaster and friend. :)


02-09-2010, 03:52 PM
20 players have joined! Some from this website. What a fantastic website this is. Thank you for those who joined and thank you for the penandpaper awesome forums.

There is still room for more players. Bring it on!