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02-03-2010, 11:50 AM
Well we're wrapping things up with our current campaign, and we're putting things together for what's coming next, and I'd like to grab one, maybe two more players for our upcoming game.

First lets get the basics out of the way, we're playing FantasyCraft, I know a lot of people run off screaming either at the sight of something that isn't D&D or something that is D20, to the latter I can't say a great deal, except that this is easily my favorite D20 system I've ever run, but to the people who are just scared of trying something new: FantasyCraft was pretty much everything I wanted D&D to be, mutable and versatile by design, fun to run, and fun to play, with the system specifically focusing on empowering the players, and keeping characters and npcs alike diverse and interesting. Basically, if you like D&D, you ought to give FantasyCraft a shot. If you have any questions or concerns about FC, I've got answers.

We play on Sundays, and we play pretty long games, we start at Noon and tend to play till 11:30 +/- 90 minutes, we've got 4 players at the moment, and I'm looking for at least one more. We play at my place in Allen, and at least for a while any new players will have to live with the fact that I'm remodeling the place and it's a slow process, heh.

As for the world, I try to make each game I run entirely distinct from any previous games I've run, and I've done so much weirdness recently that the upcoming campaign is going to be influenced heavily by classic and traditional fantasy, though there will be plenty of modern fantasy elements regardless. We're running in a homebrew world, and this will be our first game in it, though it's being made to run at least several campaigns run through.

Trying to quickly define the story and setting seems to come out too muddled and vague, but I tend to run about 50/50 on roleplay/combat, though the intentions of the PCs can change that, and while this game isn't going to chain you to noble courts and the like, the players will all have to be family, servants, or first-hand employees of a Governer's house (Something like a duke in this region).

This post is already a little long for some people to bother to read, so I'll go ahead and close up by saying we're very open and accepting of all types (in fact I appreciate as much diversity as possible among my players), if you're interested, say something! PM me if you don't want the attention! And if you have any questions at all, go ahead and ask!

Update: No posts in here, but through emails and PMs, this has been totally filled, sorry!