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02-02-2010, 12:12 PM
This means you Caleb!

Okay, now that I have routed my players, I wanted to toss you my campaign so far and see what you guys think about it.

Zahr - Gnome Druid 1
Henric Wickburn - Human Wizard 1
Grian - Human Monk 1
Squaal - Halfling Rogue 1
Cal - Half-Elf Ranger 1
Paedron Kain - Aasimar Cleric of Irori 1
Lyavel - Elf Fighter 1
Tessara - Elf Fighter 1

Characters knowledge: The party recently arrived at a town (Baumsdorf) with a merchant wagon when they noticed a commotion in the town. Investigating it they found out that a nearby lumberyard was recently attacked by 'evil barking demons' later to be better identified as Kobolds. Eager to help the community, the party offered their services to the town to investigate and clear out the vile Kobold menace. The quest was accepted and the Taskmaster in charge agreed to pay a nominal reward to the members upon completion.

What really is going on: Andoran is the only democracy in Golarion. Makes sense that oppressed groups would migrate to this land. This is the case for our poor tribe of Kobolds. They merely are trying to escape oppression. They found an unsettled lot of land and started building, unfortunately for them, the humans not to far off were not to keen on this. They started sending parties out to cull the 'Kobold menace'. After several attempted declarations of peace, the Kobold leaders decided to send an official envoy to the town to proclaim their intentions. The emmissaries were cut down before they could proffer their story, One of the emissaries happened to be a druid lieutenant's first born. Vowing revenge, he gathered troops: warrior, experts, and commoners; to lay siege to the human's newest lumber yard and set it up to ambush and annihilate the human leader. The siege worked as a charm and they allowed the lumberjack back to the camp. The ambush, not so much, since in the stead of the Taskmaster investigating, he sent the party of adventurers. None of the Kobolds actually know what the taskmaster looks like so they assume he is is the group.

The party has arrived at the cutyard and is halfway through clearing it. They have had several opportunities to capture a kobold but have instead finished it off with out question. I'm hoping this continues until they arrive at the azlanti burial chamber that the other sorc lt is at... using alchemy to try to heal the injured humans.

03-04-2010, 12:48 PM
One of the things you should be wary of when making the party's opposition "humanized" is allowing the party members a chance at recognizing or discovering the motivations. There should be clues, sense motive, perception checks available to the players throughout to allow them to discern what is really happening. If the players should discover that the kobolds are actually in the right be prepared for whatever may follow. Do you expecting them to overthrow the taskmaster? Will the town allow them to do that? Will you be able to provide evidence that the party could use to sway the town to change how they think about the kobolds... is this laying the groundwork for the players to not make assumptions about any intelligent creatures alignment? Adding moral ambiguity to D&D opens up a pretty big can of worms with how the party can proceed with many encounters. I think its a nice start to a campaign but requires some caution on your part to make sure that there is recourse for the players depending on which path they choose to take in regards to the oppressed kobolds.

Good luck