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01-31-2010, 08:04 AM
Hi everyone,

I recently created a website for World of Darkness aimed at Storytellers. With Dark Tales (http://woddarktales.webs.com/) we hope to collect adventures for Storytellers to use in their chronicles. This isn't fiction about the World of Darkness, these are fully developped adventures with a beginning and an end, statted NPCs and everything you need to drop the stories straight into your chronicle with a minimum of extra work. Essensially, it's a database of adventures.

Dark Tales needs user submissions, so if you are a Storyteller and have some old (or brand new) stories tucked away somewhere on your hard drive, why not share them with the rest of the community? We have a few tales already, so if you need a new story, it's worth having a look as well.

Hope to see you on the site!