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Some rooms from a dungeon I am currently keying. Ugarden Manor is a sort of Winchester House (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Mystery_House#The_house_today), last occupied by a deranged man that built and rebuilt the house without rhyme or reason. All from a family more Addams that it would like to have admitted.

I'm not really including monsters, none are unique as of yet.

31) Closet: (Dark 10x10x10) The closet is piled with boxes and trunks. One cannot freely move from door to door without crawling over around or moving the stuff. In addition to the boxes listed there is a rack of clothing at each end about 50 years out of date; West female, East male. The boxes and trunks form a crude wall between the two racks.

The Expedition to Attarlis. Sir Cavendish Ugarden thought himself a scientist, he was not. But it was his money. He did possess a high charisma and a wealth of both cash and enthusiasm. Enough to get otherwise sane people to follow him to their death. Due to his total lack of knowledge or competence twenty people died including his young bride and none of his "findings" are fit to wrap fish. When the Royal Society rejected his "work" Cavendish threw the whole of it, including his late wife in the closet and died two weeks later, of the curse.
Trunks are 3x2x2. Boxes are 3x3x3 unless otherwise indicated.

Trunk with three divided trays: Each holds a shrunken head. Made from real heads. Each tray is 8x3 cells there are three trays. There are 57 heads in the box. The Heads hold a curse for any that claim them. They will speak in the night giving the owner horrible nightmares. In a week they impose a negative level with an additional negative level a week later. (DC 20) In three months they will lose a point of Con from loss of sleep and will likely be bed ridden from negative levels. Rinse, repeat until dead.

Box with fossils and artifacts: Neandral fossils, two skulls, a hand full of long bones. They have the look of old bone, brown , weathered and if you know what you are looking at, cooked. In the box are the remains of various plastic artifacts. A cell phone, a ray gun, A pile of plastic flakes that was a book. A dozen plastic buttons. All are a million years old and have been sat on by rock.

ThreeBoxes of botanical Samples: Beyond hope. They have crumbled to brown, dried dust.

Trunk with adventurer clothing: 100 year old "hacking through the bush" clothing. 1770 meets L.L Bean. These would fit a man 5"10" of average build. Included is a basket hilted machete +1. Never needs sharpening. Can also be used on natives. A brace of double barreled cap and ball pistols is also in the box, they are not magical, but could fetch 200 gp on the collector market. They are in their custom box with tools, bullet mold, etc..

Secretary Box: 1x2x0.5 A portable secretary. It contains notes from the expedition, but Sir Cavendish Ugarden was the world's worst note taker. Horrible handwriting, if you can read it it comes off like a 5 year old playing explorer. For example if you can puzzle out the chicken scratch (DC 27) the entry on the shrunken heads reads. "Gott heds. ol man sed kurse HA!!"

Trunk Labeled "Melinda": It's not Melinda's stuff, it's Melinda. Carefully dismantled dried and stored in her trunk. A sort of leather "Visible woman" kit.

Five Boxes of zoological samples: Bits of dried animal. No good notes, worthless for study or cataloging.

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