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01-19-2010, 07:30 AM
Total Confusion 24 will be held February 18-21, 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA. www.totalcon.com (http://www.totalcon.com) (http://www.totalcon.com (http://www.totalcon.com))

This year, TotalCon is pleased to be offering over* 150 role-playing slot choices* including:

*Frank Mentzer, founder of the RPGA and TSR former employee/creative advisor to Gary Gygax, running early ed. AD&D events. Frank will be running a very special event, the first Role-Playing Module ever printed in 1976 as run at GaryCon 1, the first convention to commemorate the passing of Gary Gygax. He will be giving special signed certificates to players at his table!

*Jay Libby, iNDiRPG, co-owner of DillyGReenBEan Games, and Cyberpunk v3 artist running his Xandoria and new GI Joe rpgs.

*Brad Younie, Carnivore Games, running his The Unexplained games based on paranormal happenings, endorsed by two actual paranormal groups!

*Andre Kruppa, theatrical GM bring lights, props, and music to his highly acclaimed Call of Cthulhu events and has modules published by Chaosium

*Mark Edwards, writer for Catalyst Game Labs (former AEG and Maragret Weis Production writer), running his ShadowRun adventures

*BedRock Games, a new pen and paper rpg company, coming in to run events on Sunday

*Also, another great emersive modified AD&D 2ed event with theatrical elements (an Oriental Adventures game!)

* plus some rpgs with full Dwarven Forge set-ups.

*Two to Three tables of Pathfinder events each slot hosted by the New England Pathfinder Group

*Full 14 slots of Living Forgotten Realms (RPGA), events coming as we are waiting for the release of new events at the beginning of the year to give you the best selection.

*Both RPGA and Pathfinder event info can be found at www.warhorn.net/totalconfusion2010/ (http://www.warhorn.net/totalconfusion2010/)

* Ad&D 2ed gaems, Call of Cthulhu, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Stargate,GURPs and more!

Plus we are offered over 500 gaming slot choices with events including a World Wide Catan Championship Pre-Qualifier (winner recieves a trip to Gen Con 2010 to advance to the next round), 10 New England Regional Championship board game events, MA State Shadowfist ccg Championship, A huge selection of miniature events including a Flames of War 1750pt Late War National Qualifier, NE Regional Car Wars Championship, Heavy Gears, Blood Blood, Arcane Legions, Heroscape, Young Player events, Video Games, LARPs, M:TG card events....

New Independent Horror, Sci-Fi, and Action films screenings, special events, ARTIST wanted for the ART Show...submitt works for a chance at $100 prize for best in show...

All offered in affordable comfort at the Holiday Inn which has free shuttle service from the Amtrak and Mansfield train stations for registered hotel guests, free wi-fi, free parking, heated indoor pool, hot tub, on-site restaurant/bar, kids eat free program, and many nearby conveniences. Located right off exit 7a on Rte 95 (MA) or exit 12 on Rte 495 (MA) Rooms start at just $87 with con code TCE.

Pre-registration is open now! www.totalcon.com (http://www.totalcon.com) (http://www.totalcon.com (http://www.totalcon.com))